Zelenski’s film trip to Washington that a leak was about to cancel

An American media leaked the secret trip of Volodymyr Zelensky to the USA hours before the military plane sent by Joe Biden take off from Polandrevealing the whereabouts of the Ukrainian president so longed for by Vladimir Putin.

The trip, planned by a small group from the Biden administration, helped Zelensky to thank all the help provided by the United States during the start of the war, in addition to using the opportunity to ask for more help. “Your money is not charity […] the money that you are about to approve […] This is an investment in democracy and global security,” he added.

Zelensky did not miss the opportunity to send a message to Vladimir Putin and remind him that, despite his campaign to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heating, they will celebrate Christmas. “They can take away our electricity, but this Good nightUkrainians will celebrate holidays as a family and Russians will not be able to turn off the light in their faith“.

Joe Biden together with a small number of his government officials planned in the top secret the trip that took, for the first time since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian president from his borders.

Last Tuesday, December 20, he landed in Poland a US military plane that was supposed to pick up its ambassador to Ukraine and some high-ranking officials in the country. However, among them was Volodimir Zelenski, mobilized from Bakhmutcity located in Donetsk and that in recent weeks it has become the hottest point of the war.

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The precaution around the trip is due to the order of search and seizure launched by Vladimir Putin towards the person of Zelenski, who could have been in danger. Hours before the trip to USA the american tabloid Punch Bowl News published a breaking news headlined “Zelensky is expected to visit the Capitol on Wednesday”.

The outlet detailed information about the letter issued that same day by the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelositowards the rest of the legislators. In the letter he urged them to come the following day at night to Washington to discuss “a very special focus on democracy,” despite the fact that many of them were enjoying their Christmas holidays. Punchbowl News further added that, according to various sources, “Zelensky could address a joint session of the Congress in the House of Representatives“, which clarified the purpose of the president’s letter.

The news spread through the social network Twitter, echoing the scoop other chains like CNNin addition to the dissemination by various users of the alleged letter from Pelosi.

Image released by Twitter allegedly of the letter issued by Pelosi

Image released by Twitter allegedly of the letter issued by Pelosi

In spite of the reckless performance In the middle, after eleven hours of flight, the Ukrainian representative arrived on American soil. A delegation of US officials and a red carpet greeted him at the Joint Base Andrewsto later go to Blair House.

Zelensky stated during his speech at the Capitol that “Ukraine has never asked American soldiers to fight for us” but acknowledged that they are in inferiority in numbers and weapons against the Russians. For this reason, he asked Biden for more help, assuring that “our military can perfectly operate American tanks and planes.”

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Joe Biden responded to the petition issued before the House by announcing a relief package of 1.850 million dollars (1,743 million euros) in military assistanceadded to the 374 million destinated to humanitarian aid. In addition to this financial aid, he highlighted the US commitment to sending a battery of patriot missiles long range. “When we get those Patriots in place we’ll let President Biden know we need more Patriots,” Zelenski joked.

These concessions resonated with Moscow“The provocative actions of the US inevitably lead to an escalation of consequences that are difficult to imagine,” he warned. Anatoly Antonov, Russian ambassador in Washington. While Vladimir Putin discredited the capacity of the American artillery, which he classified as “quite old” and of not working “as well” as the Russian S-300. “we will crunch them. Those who do, do it in vain. They just prolong the conflict. That’s all,” she said.

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After the express trip and the leak that could have uncovered its confidentiality, Zelensky arrived in Ukraine on the night of December 23 after a brief stay in Polandwhere he met his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Dudawhom he thanked for the military, financial and humanitarian support provided by his country.

From his country, the president has already resumed his work from his office in kyiv. “I am in my office. We keep working for the victory“, reported the Ukrainian leader, in a message issued last Friday through his account on Telegram and reproduced by the Ukrinform portal.

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