Year Ender 2022 Important World Events That Took Place From Iran Hijab Protest To Russia Ukraine War Climate Change US China Conflict

Kolkata: A new chapter in history began as the epidemic knocked on the door. Therefore, in the last three years, new definitions of tolerance and sympathy have been written. But in the new chapter of history, another war, political, economic and social policy disruption has been added to the epidemic. Girls have shown the courage to once again break the medieval barrier of patriarchy (World Events in 2022). It is not a silent rebellion in the inner circle, but girls have come down to the streets in droves to demand their rights. He spread the demand of living by his own will to the world, not asking for permission in a weak voice. Therefore, 2022 has become the year of the beginning of a new era, not only eventful. new yearBefore entering, let’s take a look at the farewell year (Year Ender 2022).

Russia-Ukraine War

War damage cannot be measured solely in terms of property or loss of life. War also causes humanitarian disasters. The Russia and Ukraine war is proof of that. Although geographically located next to each other, mutual coexistence has not developed between the two countries. But what was a touchy subject so far, this year the whole world was shaken by its destructive form. Russia jumped on Ukraine with all its might this year after passing the warning and threats. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war situation, the number of landless refugees in the world has exceeded 30 million, which is 1.3 million more than in 2021. Not even the combined populations of countries like Ireland, Lithuania and New Zealand. Syria, Afghanistan. The situation in South Sudan, Yemen is still critical.

Climate change

Over the past four decades there have been repeated warnings of impending danger (Climate Change). Little school students have come to the streets after realizing the danger. But the indifference of world leaders on climate change, which is pushing the world towards a dire crisis, has been felt the most this year. In most countries of the world, instead of the traditional seasonal variations, long-term summers, weather vagaries have taken place. This year, intense heatwaves have been felt across Europe. There have been deaths from heat waves. The greenery has turned to ashes, the rivers and canals have dried up. After severe heatwave Pakistan was practically swept away by flash floods. The American Southwest is plagued by drought. Lake Mead has shrunk, crops have been washed away. Hurricane Ian has devastated Florida. In the month of August, the United States was forced to introduce a law to stop the emission of greenhouse gases. A proposal to compensate major countries for environmental damage has been tabled at Egypt’s climate conference. The official seal remains to be read though.

Sri Lankan riots

The country is decorated like a picture. But the whole thing was over (Sri Lanka Crisis). The sparks of internal unrest have been burning for the past few years. The shaky state of the country’s economy became evident after the terrorist attacks in 2019. Atmari put the last nail in it. But this year, the economic and political crisis practically shook the heart of the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, which is officially bankrupt, there is hyperinflation. The price of little rice and pulses exceeds 500 rupees per kg. Citizens of the country have lost the ability and courage to buy potatoes at Tk 400 per kg, sugar at Tk 300 per kg, coconut oil at Tk 900 per kg. When the supply of grain water is stopped, anger falls on the government. The whole country erupted against government arbitrariness, indifference and selfishness. The presidential palace was crowded. The palatial houses of leaders and ministers were burnt. Although the sea of ​​people has cleared from the road, the stalls are still empty Sri LankaR. Attempts are being made to overcome the crisis by borrowing.

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Mass movement in Iran

22-year-old Mehsa Amini did not fix the head hijab! So the police wanted to teach him (Iran Anti Hijab Protests). They took Mehsa out of the car in front of Dada to give her moral education. But Mehsa did not return after that. Later the family found his dead body at the hospital. Iranians had become accustomed to such incidents in the past few decades. But when the allegations came that Mehsa was killed by brutal torture, the whole country erupted in anger. From children to old women, girls did not come on the road, men also supported them by standing next to them. Already infamous for medieval customs, the government police of the country did not spare any effort in suppressing the movement. Troops ranged from firing to mass arrests to death sentences for protesters. But the movement did not stop. Rather, as time passed, his debt increased. Iranian women have protested by cutting off their hair instead of burning their hijabs in public. Its influence is also being felt. On the one hand, policy has been abolished. At the same time, discussions have started on not making Hijab compulsory.

Sino-US conflict

Although the Russia-Ukraine war did not create a new battlefield, China and the United States, the world’s first and second superpowers, almost came close to it (US China Conflict). There was already tension over trade tariffs from the epidemic. Heat rises with Taiwan. China, which claims Taiwan as part of its territory, did not take kindly to the arrival of American government representatives there. That is why the conflict creates a situation of face-to-face war. A fleet of Chinese warplanes began circling around Taiwan. To counter it, the US also started to send military aid from the side of Taiwan. Although the war has been avoided for the time being, diplomatic circles fear that this event is going to cause a major disaster in the coming days.

Tolomolo Britain and the death of the Queen

Three prime ministers in a year. A political crisis like this has never been seen before in the once superpower Britain. After the announcement of Brexit, the economic crisis due to unemployment, price increase and the political crisis of the country started to become evident. Boris Johnson announced his resignation as Prime Minister in July as the crisis deepened. Liz Truss took office in September. After 50 days, he accepted the crisis and left. He is the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history. After this, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin took charge on October 25. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8. Although not the head of administration, he spent 70 long years as Britain’s guardian, maintaining the tradition. She was not only the longest-reigning ruler of the royal family, but also the longest-reigning female ruler in world history. Although not having administrative powers, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet report to him on all matters (Queen Elizabeth 2). Although the son Charles sat on the throne, the citizens of Britain have become practically without a guardian due to the absence of a queen (Britain Political Unrest).

Red Fort in Latin America

Big changes in just five years. Until 2017, the extreme right-wing moderates were handling the cannon. But after López Obreder was elected president of Mexico in 2018, leftist regimes were established in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Honduras, Colombia. This year it added names Braziltoo Left-wing Lula da Silva became the country’s president again this year after defeating Jair Bolsonaro. In international politics at the moment, in several countries where right-wing and moderate politicians rule, the form of polarization politics is evident, while Latin America’s color change has caught the eye (Lula da Silva).

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