Without audience and sponsors, Power Couple Brasil is canceled by Record TV News

Worn out because of lack of interest from advertisers and low audience last season, Power Couple Brasil will not be shown by Record in 2023. The broadcaster even put a commercial plan in the advertising market confirming next year’s season, but the lack of people interested in buying advertising caused the hammer to be beaten. With that, another format will replace the dispute between couples.

As found out by TV news, producers who performed in 2022 on the show were notified earlier in the week of the temporary cancellation. Most of them were not surprised by what was decided. In addition to everything, the price for the production of the reality show was also preponderant.

Power Couple costs more than A Fazenda because it requires more renovations to the location in Itapecerica da Serra, in Greater São Paulo. The doubled number of participants also causes the budget of paid fees for those confined to go up a lot. Without a sponsor to cover the costs, the reality show cannot pay for itself.

In November, Record had sent agencies a plan to probe advertisers about the reality show. Adriane Galisteu’s presentation was confirmed. The reception, however, was dismal. No advertiser was interested in paying any quota or any commercial action in next year’s Power Couple.

After the unsuccessful step, Record withdrew this document from its advertising website last Tuesday (20). From then on, a new format began to be thought of to take the place left by the reality of couples. The broadcaster will only take formal steps on the subject after the end of year festivities.

insistently sought by TV news since last Tuesday (20) by e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp, Record Communication has not commented on the end of Power Couple. Journalist Flávio Ricco, from the R7 portal, confirmed the decision this Saturday (24), but considered that the reality show will have a “rest”, returning to programming in 2024.

The Story of the Power Couple

Power Couple has been on air on Record since 2016. The original format by Israeli producer Dori Midia brings celebrity couples and their respective partners to live together in a mansion in search of a prize that can reach R$ 1 million. In addition to coexistence, the pairs play games to find out how much they know each other.

The attraction was acquired to give A Fazenda a break, which was very worn out in 2015. Its first two editions were presented by Roberto Justus and had exhibitions twice a week. Even with the success, Record changed the dynamics and decided to make it a daily reality show.

Between 2018 and 2019, Power Couple was hosted by Gugu Libertado (1959-2019), in one of his last TV projects. Paralyzed by Covid-19 in 2020, the program returned in 2021 with Adriane Galisteu in charge.

In the last two editions, however, the focus has changed. Games were no longer considered important, and the program began to bet heavily on the confinement shacks –just like in The Farm.

This reflected directly on Ibope. In 2021, the reality scored 6.3 points in the São Paulo capital, its lowest average so far. This year, the performance was even worse: 4.8 points — a drop of 23.8% in numbers.

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