With soap operas and The Voice in pain, Globo bitter negative record of the year TV News

With low prime time, Globo suffered yesterday (20) a negative record: the worst Tuesday of the year. The leading broadcaster has been suffering from the bad phase of its main product, the nine o’clock soap opera. Crossingin addition to registering wear on The Voice Brasilwhich has its worst season in ratings.

The daily average (from 7am to midnight) for the station in Rio was 12.4 points, according to data from Kantar Ibope Media obtained by TV news🇧🇷 It is the worst record of the year on a Tuesday in Greater São Paulo.

The last two weeks of the year are usually more modest numbers because of school holidays and celebrations, but the index is also lower compared to last year. On the penultimate Tuesday of 2021, Globo had an average of 12.8 points. At the time, the station also suffered from a flop soap opera, Um Lugar ao Sol (2021).

Another prime-time product also contributed to the negative record for the day. Jornal Nacional recorded only 20.8 points, the worst index on that day of the week since January 18, when it scored 20.7.

Yesterday, Travessia had 22.8 points, but the low audience of the telenovela cannot take the blame alone. The final stretch of Cara e Coragem did not take off, and the plot of seven registered only 18.9 points, the worst Tuesday since October 11th.

The Voice Brasil closed the lineup of shows for the day without managing to increase the numbers of the low audience it received. Fátima Bernardes’ program got only 14.9 points, well below the attraction’s average last year, which was 19.1.

Check out the audiences of Globo, Record, SBT, Band and RedeTV! in Greater São Paulo on Tuesday, December 20:

Globo’s audience on the average of 12/13/2022 (7h/0h): 12,4
Globo Programs Court hearing
Good morning São Paulo 8,4
Good morning Brazil 8,5
Meeting with Patricia Poet 6,3
More you 6,5
SP1 9,2
Globe Sports 8,8
newspaper today 10,5
Chocolate with pepper 11,5
Afternoon Session: All in the Family 10,1
king of cattle 14,4
sertao sea 17,5
SP2 18,7
Face and Courage 18,9
National Newspaper 20,8
Crossing 22,8
The Voice Brasil 14,9
Jornal da Globo 9,2
Dude and Courage (re-introduction) 6,6
Go That Glue 5,4
Owl: King Arthur 3,4
hour 1 4,2
Record audience on the average of 12/13/2022 (7h/0h): 4,8
Record Programs Court hearing
General Balance Morning 1 2,1
General Balance Morning 2 2,7
General Balance Morning 3 3,1
Speak Brazil 3,8
Nowadays 3,1
Balance Sheet 1 5,2
General Balance 2 6,4
The ten Commandments 4,5
City Alert 1 4,2
City Alert 2 5,3
City Alert SP 6,7
Jornal da Record 6,5
Jesus 4,9
Unparalleled Love 4,1
Record family 3,8
JR 24h (Morning) 2,3
Speaks, I hear you 1,2
Religious 0,5
SBT audience on the average of 12/13/2022 (7h/0h): 3,6
SBT Programs Court hearing
First Impact 1 1,8
First Impact 2 2,7
small platter 2,8
Cristal 2,9
Family Cases 2,6
gossiping 2,9
beware the angel 4,2
To Woman 4,7
Overcoming Heartbreak 4,7
SBT Brazil 4,6
Poliana Moça 6,1
Accomplices to a Rescue 5,0
Mouse Program 4,6
Spectacular Cinema 4,0
The Night 2,5
Operation Mosque 1,5
Those Who Haven’t Seen Will See 1,2
Reporter Connection 1,2
SBT Brazil (representation) 1,5
Band audience on the average of 12/13/2022 (7h/0h): 2,0
Band Programs Court hearing
show of faith 0,1
Bora Brazil Location 0,5
Let’s go Brazil 0,6
The Chef 0,7
Open Game 1 1,4
Open Game 2 2,4
The Ball Owners 2,1
Best of the Afternoon 1,0
Brazil Urgent 1 3,3
Brazil Urgent 2 3,6
Band newspaper 4,1
Faustão in the Band 2,9
Life Value 1,3
Masterchef Junior 2,1
Night news 1,5
Wild Planet 1,1
More Info 0,9
Jornal da Band (representation) 0,8
First Newspaper 0,5
RedeTV Audience! on the average of 12/13/2022 (7h/0h): 0,3
RedeTV Programs! Court hearing
Grace Church 0,1
Infomercial 0,0
Ronnie’s Morning 1 0,1
Ronnie’s Morning 2 0,3
I’ll tell you 0,1
World Revival Baptist Church 0,2
Infomercial 0,0
Polishop 0,0
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 0,0
the afternoon is yours 0,7
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 0,1
National Alert 0,4
RedeTV News 0,7
Grace Church 0,2
Fama TV 0,4
My bad 0,6
Desce Pro Play 0,2
Dynamic reading 0,2
Sensational 0,2
Fama TV 0,2
João KleberShow 0,2
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 0,0

Source: Broadcasters

Each point is equivalent to 74,666 households in Greater SP

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