why this is the ONLY draw not to be missed in 2022

Every year, the FDJ Loto Christmas draw has been very successful. The rules of the game are very different from a classic draw and it is for this reason that the French jump at the chance to try to win the jackpot. This year, the Christmas Lotto takes place this Sunday, December 25, 2022 around 8:20 p.m.

Play the Christmas Lotto

Normally, the minimum draw for an FDJ Loto is at least 2 million euros. In most cases, it never exceeds 10 million euros – apart from exceptional draws. Precisely, for this Grand Loto de Noël, the organizer displays a special pot of 15 million euros. However, it has a specificity that makes it even more attractive: this amount is guaranteed.

If no one finds the right combination of 5 numbers and a Chance number, the jackpot will then be distributed among the winners of intermediate ranks. It is therefore gains that will potentially be well above the average that will be distributed among those who have almost found the right combination. By default, the Loto FDJ draw does not provide a guaranteed jackpot: this is a specific feature of this Christmas draw.

A double jackpot for the Christmas Lotto

In addition to this jackpot, which will necessarily be distributed during the Christmas Lotto draw on Sunday, December 25, FDJ is also putting a raffle into play. This is also more generous than average. 100 participants will be drawn and each will receive a check for 20,000 euros. In other words, it is still 2 million euros which will be guaranteed for this special draw.

The draw for this Christmas raffle is not dependent on the numbers you have ticked: you can very well get it all wrong but still win a check for 20,000 euros in this random draw. If you open an account (or if you already have an account) on the FDJ site, you will know almost immediately if you are one of these 100 lucky ones. Otherwise, you will have to go to a tobacconist to find out your gain.

You should still know that the bet amount is higher than the norm: this Christmas Lotto draw requires that you buy grids with a minimum value of 5 euros. Because this amount is higher, the winnings are also higher. On the other hand, the probabilities of winning do not change compared to a classic Lotto draw. In the end, it is in your best interest to take advantage of this special December 25 lottery.

Play the Christmas Lotto

To come to the probabilities of the Christmas Lotto draw, here is what you need to know. To find the right combination of the FDJ lottery, you have approximately one chance in approximately 19 million. For rank two, that is, the five correct numbers but not the correct Chance number, you have a one in about 2 million chance. Rank 3, i.e. 4 numbers and the Chance number, is accessible with a probability of 1 in approximately 87,000.

Considering that this Christmas draw is guaranteed, you can even win even more for a probability that remains the same. Of course, this Loto draw must remain a fun game and must not endanger your financial health.

Intermediate ranks are boosted

In general, a classic Lotto draw allows you to leave with standard remuneration. For example, if you have found two numbers, you will leave with an amount between 3 and 5 euros. As part of the Christmas Loto, FDJ significantly increases all levels of winnings. To take the example of the 2 correct numbers, this time you will receive around 13 euros. Even with a more expensive grid, you better take advantage of it.

Each intermediate rank level brings even greater gains. For example, you will receive around 20 euros for a classic Loto draw with 3 correct numbers. For this Grand Loto de Noël, FDJ will give you an amount between 100 and 125 euros for the same result.

Play the Christmas Lotto

At all levels, the big draw for the Christmas Loto has everything to be a huge hit. The easiest way is to open an account on the FDJ site to place your bet in a few seconds. It also allows you to track your earnings in real time rather than having to go to a tobacconist. You will know immediately if you have a winning combination in the draw for this Sunday, December 25. You will then have to wait a few hours to know the precise amount of your gain.

While the EuroMillions draw has just been won, the Christmas Grand Lotto draw will be the most popular at the end of the year. Indeed, the probability of winning during this national draw is much higher than that of the European EuroMillions (1 chance in 139 million). The risk / potential gain ratio is much more favorable for this Christmas draw with 15 million euros guaranteed at stake.

Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call).

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