Why do untouchable ideas come to mind while taking a bath?

Have you ever noticed that when you try to solve a problem with all your mind and attention and fail to solve it, but then suddenly do something else and unexpectedly solve the problem? The solution comes to your mind, like while taking a bath?

And not just solving problems, while taking a bath, we often get very untouched ideas that are helpful in our work and personal life.

One of the simple reasons for this is that because while taking a bath our blood circulation increases, we get rid of waste, then we feel very light and the body and mind are also refreshed, therefore the mind is renewed. Finds new ideas.

However, there is another interesting reason for this.

In the last 15 years of research around the world, one thing has come to light that when we try to find an idea by thinking and concentrating, then we fail.

But when we are doing some of our daily tasks, suddenly we get an idea. According to experts, this happens when we are doing a daily task that does not require the brain to think.

These are tasks that we have been doing for a long time and our body and mind are so used to them that at this point we are almost on ‘auto-pilot’ mode. Then actually our mind is free and wandering in the stream of thoughts.

“It’s surprising and unacceptable to us to come up with an untapped idea in unexpected circumstances because people think these ideas are hard-earned,” says University of British Columbia neuroscientist Kalina Kristoff.

Experts say that during everyday tasks in which we are working automatically, the brain’s ‘default mode network’ is activated.

This network was discovered in 2001.

To research this, experts scanned the brains of people engaged in various activities and found that some parts of the brain were more active when the brain was in a relaxed state.

These parts are responsible for the illogical thinking we call ideas, and they don’t work when the brain keeps our thoughts focused and logical while thinking about something.

Experts say that such free wandering of the mind is extremely beneficial for us, as during this time we can come up with ideas that can solve problems in our professional, personal and emotional life.

Is it possible to stimulate the mind to get ideas?

For this, experts suggest that first of all, it is very important to get enough sleep.

A brain that has a good memory, is sharp and alert, active and can solve problems, can be that of a person who gets good and restful sleep every day.

Another way to keep your mind creative is to take a walk, take a shower, or garden while taking a break from listening to something with headphones in your ears to distract your mind. don’t be

The mind can be free only when it is in a completely safe environment and knows that there is no danger.

Spending time in nature also stimulates the mind. Spending time by the sea, among trees or in a lush green place refreshes the mind and lack of it makes the mind stagnant and stressed.

Minimize the use of technology so that the brain’s natural potential is awakened.

Eat brain-healthy foods like fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries and chocolate.


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