Who are the brothers found dead in an apartment in Mexico City?

Days after their relatives filed a disappearance complaint, the bodies of Jorge and Andrés Tirado were located lifelessgagged with tan tape and with apparent signs of torture in an apartment in Colonia Roma, in Mexico City.

On December 16, his relatives filed a complaint for disappearance and it was not until December 18, when they were found along with the body of another 76-year-old man, who they say was his uncle. His death shocked personalities from the world of entertainment and public opinion.

The last time they were seen alive was on December 16, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, aboard a gray Chevrolet Onix car, with JSF-4558 license plates from the state of Jalisco.

Who were the brothers Jorge and Andrés Tirado?

Jorge Tirado, 35 years old, was the eldest of the brothers, he worked as a representative of the artist Augusto Bracho. On the YouTube platform it is possible to see a special participation that he had in the documentary about the musician titled Where will Augusto Bracho go?

In 2014, Jorge was part of the short film that bears the name The Finisher. It is believed that he was very close to the singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy winner, Silvana Estrada, as he considered her “her best friend” of hers.


For his part, Andrés Tirado was 27 years old. Like his brother, he lived in Mexico City and was a graduate of the Centro Universitario de Teatro de la UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).

Some of his most emblematic works were king kong cabaret, directed by Lorenza Maza; Y Palinuro on the ladder or the art of comedy, directed by Mario Espinosa and Clarissa Malheiros. She was also part of the short film wolves club and production assistant in the series expedition x.

Why were the Tirado brothers killed?

This December 19, the Secretary of Citizen Security of the Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch, revealed that the unit he leads apprehended three possible suspects in the murder. He detailed it like this through a message on his Twitter account:

“We report that there are three detainees related to the homicide of three people in a building in Colonia Roma. First they were presented as witnesses and they are already accused as a result of the investigations carried out. We will continue to report.”

For her part, the governor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported in another message on the same social network: “Yesterday I was in contact with family and friends of the Tirado brothers. We regret and condemn the facts. There are people arrested and in the course of the morning the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office will be reporting on the progress of this painful homicide.”

Some preliminary reports indicated that the triple homicide was due, presumably, to a family dispute over the property where the Tirado brothers were found dead.

According to reports, Blanca Abrego “N”, 65 years old, lived on the ground floor of the house; her daughter Sally “N” and her son-in-law named Azuher “N”, who would have participated in the alleged illegal deprivation of liberty of the two young people and the elderly man.

In addition to the triple homicide, relatives of the Tirados reported the disappearance of their great-aunt identified as Margarita Ochoa Almada.

Versions not yet confirmed by the authorities suggest that those now accused allowed armed persons access to the property, so that they could detain their victims before murdering them.

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