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#Kolkata: 2022 is about to end. When will school holidays be next year? The list was published by the Board of Secondary Education. According to the list of West Bengal Board of Madhya Shiksha, there are total 10 days summer vacation. Although this year too considering the summer conditions, the state government has extended the holidays several times. In 2023, there are 26 days of Puja holidays.

The notification published by the board said, ‘This holiday list (2023 academic year) is given as a sample list. A total of 65 holidays are mentioned in the list. Holidays may vary according to geographical features of schools located in particular areas of different districts of the state, variations in regional festivals/customs, occurrences of natural calamities. which must be approved by the school governing body or administrator. But the total number of holidays in a year shall in no case exceed 65 days.’

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Check the complete list of school holidays at a glance

January 1: English New Year (Sunday).

January 12: Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary (Thursday) January 23: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Birth Anniversary (Monday, to be observed in schools).January 25: Saraswati Puja eve (Wednesday).January 26: Republic Day and Saraswati Puja (Thursday, to be observed in schools) ) Sri Sri Harichand Tagore’s Birth Anniversary (Sunday). April 4: Mahavir Jayanti (Tuesday). April 7: Good Friday (Friday). April 14: BR Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary (Friday). April 15: Bengali New Year (Saturday). April 21: Day before Eid-ul-Fitr (Friday). April 22: Eid-ul-Fitr (Saturday). May 1: May Day (Monday). May 5: Buddhapurnima and Pandit Raghunath Murmu’s birth anniversary (Friday). May 9: Rabindra Jayanti ( Tuesday). May 24 to June 4: Sundays will not be considered as holidays. A total of 10 days are scheduled. June 20: Rath Yatra (Tuesday). June 29: Bakri Eid (Thursday). July 29: Muharram (Saturday). August 15: Independence Day (Tuesday, to be observed in schools). August 30: Rakhi. Full moon (Wednesday). September 6: Janmashtami (Wednesday). September 29: Fatwa-Dawaz-Daham (Thursday). October 2: Gandhi Jayanti (Monday). October 14 to November 16 (Durgapujo Chaturthi to the day after Vaiphonta): 26 days off for Puja ( 15 November: Birsa Munda’s birthday (Wednesday) (included in Puja holidays). 19 November: Chhat Puja (Sunday). 20 November: Additional holiday for Chhat Puja (Monday). 27 November: Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary (Monday). 25 December: Christmas Day (Monday).

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Also, there will be a school holiday on July 13 (Thursday) on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Kavi Bhanubhakta only in Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts. A few community holidays are also provided. There will be holidays on February 5 to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Rabidas, April 8 for Istan Saturday and June 30 for Hul Diwal for tribal communities. It may be noted that the Board has informed that as per the announcement of the State Government, the holiday may change.

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