West Bengal Education Minister claims todays TET Exam Will certainly give a positive message ‘A group tried…’, the explosive Bratya Basu at the end of the primary tet! Gave a big message – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Tate exam was like a mass festival. State Education Minister Bratya Bose made such a claim in a press conference on Sunday. Going a step further, he said, “An attempt was made to create an ‘idea’ about our department. I hope today’s exam will send a message to them. Not only that, today’s exam will also send a positive message to the common people and candidates.”

The education minister said on Sunday, “It has become like a public festival. One group was trying to disrupt our exams. One group was really trying. But the way the exams were organized, Bratya Basu claimed that the message would reach them too. At the same time, opposition leader Subvendu Adhikari’s claim was rejected. Kare Bratya said, “No questions have been leaked, no question papers have been leaked.” He also said, “Everybody might not get the job. This is an initial step for us today. We will take all the decisions regarding the appointment with the intervention of the court.”

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The Tet primary ended without a hitch on Sunday. The education minister claimed that there was no leakage of questions anywhere. And the education minister thinks that a transparent image has been given to take this primary TET transparently. “There was an attempt to create a different image about the department. I hope this exam will send a message,” Education Minister Bratya Basu said today. Recently there have been allegations of corruption in the recruitment of primary teachers. Central investigative agencies like ED, CBI are investigating. Manik Bhattacharya, former president of the Board of Primary Education, is in the custody of the Central Investigation Agency. Allegations of recruitment corruption have rocked state politics. The state government wants to give a positive message based on this primary Tet on Sunday.

The political circles think that the ruling party can use this exam as a campaign issue. The board has taken several steps to ensure smooth conduct of the Sunday Primary Tet. The board has made security arrangements including biometric attendance, metal detectors, frisking. About 7 lakh candidates have applied for this exam. Speaking in this context, Education Minister Bratya Basu said, “This exam was like a mass festival. But some people were trying to disrupt the exam.”

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The Minister of Education indicated this day that the Board of Primary Education is going to proceed with the recruitment. Speaking in this context, Education Minister Bratya Basu said, “This is our initial step today. We will do it with the intervention of the court.”

Incidentally, there are more than 11,000 vacancies for primary teachers. More than 40,000 applications have been submitted for this appointment. According to the board sources, the board wants to start the interview before the third of December or the Christmas holidays. After the end of TET on Sunday, the board wants to take that preparation. However, Education Minister Bratya Basu complained that they were trying to thwart the exam. Education Minister Bratya Bose made this complaint against the opposition.

On this day, however, there were two small incidents centered around the test. However, the board took immediate action with Tate’s question paper after it was leaked on social media before the DLED exam question paper began. However, the education minister alleged that a fake question paper had been circulated before the start of the examination. However, Education Minister Bratya Basu has also said that the Primary Education Board has been asked to file a cybercrime complaint on this issue.

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