West Bardhaman Exclusive: Hrithik, who got a chance in IPL, went down to the ground of his native Swata village when he still had time

#West Burdwan– started at the age of four and a half. He picked up the bat just for the sake of playing. Age has increased. Dream has grown up with. The list of successes is long. Sachin, the god of cricket, was seen from the front. Played below 19. Now on his shoulders is the responsibility of bringing success to Bengal in the Ranji Trophy. But another dream has been fulfilled. Got a chance in IPL. Coming from a remote village in Bengal, he got a place in Kings XI Punjab. Hrithik Vijay Chatterjee. Currently he is busy with Ranji in Bhubaneswar. Ritvik was born in Swata village of Aushgram block (West Bardhaman Exclusive). If he still has time to go to the village, he goes down to the field with the bat. He robs his childhood of joy by playing with his people. That Ritvik Vijay Chatterjee opened his mouth in News 18 local. Told about the journey from the beginning of life to the present.

Hrithik Vijay Chatterjee. Original home in Swata village. But the current resident of Barasat. Father Vijay Chattopadhyay is a retired school teacher. Cricketer Hrithik’s rise from Srishti Academy in Madhyagram. CAB umpire committee member Prasenjit Chatterjee is his mentor, guide. But to reach this place in life, he got full support from his family too. He started playing cricket by his father’s hand. Dada Ritam is also a cricketer. But the most successful on the field is Hrithik. He has always had his mother, girlfriend and wife by his side.

Hrithik said Kings XI Punjab bought him for Rs 20 lakh in IPL. It is a pleasure for him to get an opportunity in IPL. He was confident in himself. Apart from Under 19, he has played in various national level cricket competitions. Now he is busy in Ranji for Bengal. Now he wants to think about those goals. Once Ranji is over, he will focus on IPL. (West Bardhaman Exclusive) He started playing in the village field from the age of half a year. Gradually advanced in the game (West Bardhaman Exclusive). But at first he did not think of taking cricket as a profession. Later, when he realized that the performance was improving, he changed his mind. Started spending more time on cricket. He started taking training from the local barasat association. Then proceed slowly. He never had to face pressure from home. Father, grandfather has always been close.

Like every cricketer, Hrithik dreams of lifting the India cap. After getting a chance in the IPL, that dream seems to have become stronger for Hrithik. He also wants to play for India. God of cricket Sachin is God to him. Ritvik got the opportunity to see him from the front too. He learned how to survive by watching Sachin play. AB de Villiers is one of his favorite players. His batting skills are like a dream for Hrithik.

Ritvik got chance in Punjab in IPL. But despite getting a trial call for Punjab, he did not get a chance to give it due to personal reasons. But he gave trials for KKR, Mumbai Indians and Chennai. But he got a call from Punjab. However, he was quite optimistic that this call would come one day. Because Hrithik was somewhat satisfied with his performance in various national level cricket competitions. And being a son of Bengal, he has no regrets about not getting a chance in KKR in the IPL. Hrithik feels that playing is his main duty as a cricketer. However, father Vijay Chatterjee expressed some regret that his son did not get a chance in the Bengal team. Vijay Chattopadhyay said that he grew up in Swata village (West Bardhaman Exclusive). The boys were also in the village at the beginning of their lives. However, he later left the village. But he did not forget his village. He still does not forget to go to his native house whenever he gets a chance. He was also optimistic about his son Ritvik’s cricketing future. He has always fully supported his son in all matters. Still do it. He is very happy with his son’s success in getting an IPL opportunity.

Vijay Babu also said that his father Narendranath Chatterjee, the grandfather of cricketer Ritvik, was a man of culture and education. Within a few years of the country’s independence, he took the initiative to build a school in the village. He also had great interest in sports. Therefore, Vijay Chattopadhyay feels that grandfather also deserves a part of his son’s success. He said, just as his son’s success has made him proud, his name has been made bright, so has the name of Swata village been made bright and proud.

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