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The predictions for the 19th to the 25th of March are already bringing a very important event to our week: the arrival of the astrological new year! Although some transits are repeated, we have news.

This is definitely not going to be an ordinary week. There are great chances of upheavals in the face of a sky with important events, such as the one already mentioned.

For those who were feeling stagnant life, maybe this is the chance to make the necessary changes. By the way, you can check out all the transits for 2023 at astrological calendar.

Let’s go to our summary of predictions:

  • On Monday, the Sun enters Aries and we enter the astrological New Year, a very important date for astrology;
  • Until Wednesday, Sun and Neptune in fish they are together and square with Mars, bringing challenges from the previous week, of some confusion;
  • Venus is sextile with Saturn and reinforces the rational side in relationships, something favorable for love;
  • Sun and Mercury sextile Pluto inspire strength;
  • On Sunday, Mercury enters Aries, pushing our more direct side in thinking and communicating;
  • On Saturday, Mars enters cancer and we will be guided by emotion until mid-May;
  • Tuesday is the day of new moon in ariestime to start a different cycle.

Facing a sky with so many changes, be sure to check your personalized horoscope to better understand your personal transits and take advantage of opportunities according to your birth chart.


Until Wednesday (22), we have in the weekly forecasts from March 19 to 25 an aspect that we experienced last week: Sun and Neptune square Mars.

We will still experience a certain agitation, impulsiveness, rush, confusion and chaos. As is very common when you have Neptune in the spotlight, don’t be surprised if you feel exhausted and want to leave certain subjects aside.

In addition, until Monday (20), Venus in sextile with Saturn helps us to find more mature ways of negotiating. This can be beneficial for a mind that is restless, irritable, and tired from the previous week.

It is very common, at the conjunction of the Sun with Neptune, to feel a certain discouragement and apathy in the face of unexpected events. Already the Sun with Mars asks for struggle and attitude, exactly the opposite.

We start this week as if we were still the week before, with feelings reverberating and feeling a certain heaviness. But just keep calm, because we will have new things coming.


We have two major changes this week with forecasts from March 19th to March 25th. This Sunday (19), Mercury leaves Pisces, where it is more malleable and relative, and enters Aries, where it stays until the first days of April.

Here, we tend to become more assertive in our thoughts and communication. Mercury is the planet that governs the mind and has to do with everyday life. When he enters Aries, our will is to act more.

As we are coming from a convoluted period, from the energy of Mars squared with Neptune, Mercury in Aries arrives and at least makes us try something new, within our possibilities. In communication, he can set a slightly more direct tone and make the mind more decided.


Another important change that will take place from Saturday (25) concerns Mars, which changes signs and enters Cancer. he was in twins for 7 months, generating a tendency to be agitated and to do several things at the same time. Did you feel it?

Now, with Mars in Cancer, we will experience a more emotional moment, with our hearts involved in our actions. We will not have the agility of Mars in Gemini, but we may have initiative in important matters in personal and family life, domestic affairs, real estate and internal issues, Cancerian themes.

Another trend also in this aspect is to become a little more dependent on people. While the transit has strengths, such as feeling-motivated courage, there are also challenges. It’s as if our actions were more linked to the emotional side, ours and others’.


One of the great events that marks this week arrives on Thursday (23): after about 250 years, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time.

However, be careful: this transit will last only 3 months. It’s as if he was giving us a kind of “free sample” of the ticket that will actually happen in 2024. This next passage will last 20 years for the Aquarius sign.

For those who are laymen in astrology, the week may seem ordinary, but those who are astrologers know that it is a week like few others.

Maybe you think: “But what does this have to do with people’s lives?”. This is a collective transit that could affect the technology part a lot and bring about great transformations, revolutions and changes in behavior in relation to the last 20 years.

Just to give you an idea, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, between 1778 and 1798, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the American Constitution and the Industrial Revolution were happening. In other words, it was a time of unprecedented change. So, we are facing a very important ticket!

It may be that we don’t notice anything very relevant in our life and in the personal aspects, although there may be some news in the collective that is already a precursor of what this positioning means. Therefore, the tip is to stay tuned for the news.


The second important event is the astrological New Year, with the entry of the Sun into Aries, which takes place on Monday. To contribute even more to the climate of renewal, we have on Tuesday (21), the entry of the new moon in aries, another inaugural milestone in the year.

All this sky this week will be present during the period of one month, with an easy side and a more complicated one. In this map, Mars will still be in quadrature, which can generate actions that are a little confused.

One of the risks of Mars with Neptune, a transit we already experienced in November last year, is aiming at targets that are not productive. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of focus.

For example, there is a risk that the person starts excited, saying that he will do a postgraduate course and, 6 months from now, he is already unmotivated. Therefore, the tip is to look and reflect on our actions so as not to lose energy and/or focus.

Another very positive side will be the transit of Venus with Saturn, with good agreements and fruitful partnerships.


Although the sky presents us with a cycle of new beginnings, both for the New Moon and for the astrological New Year, it is worth remembering that many times we are waiting for the Universe to give us something for free.

It may be an opportunity, a chance, but the main tip to take advantage of all that energy is to go after it. If you think that your life is not going well in some area, be it financially, affectively, in friendships… aries, which is the sign that will be emphasized at this moment, brings you the question: but what are you doing to change ?

Make no mistake, because aries takes its share of the action. It is necessary to deserve. This is the main reflection and main tip of this week.

Did you like the astrological predictions of the week? Let’s live the new together?

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