Want to start a business in the new year? Here are some popular franchise business tips

#Kolkata: Many companies prefer the franchise model. In fact, it is very important to run your business locally. And franchises also create new business opportunities. Anyone can get the rights of any international brand through a franchise agreement by investing a certain amount under certain rules. But everything has its pros and cons.

Advantages of franchise business

Marketing is not a problem. Because the parent company will do that. Chances of success are great. There is almost no risk of failure. The amount of investment is also quite less compared to other businesses. Supply of goods and raw materials is based on demand.

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Franchise business is limited to certain areas

The parent company holds the business firmly. That is, what will remain and what will not remain, that decision is also theirs. As a result, running a retail store with a franchise cannot add any brand to it. Again, a portion of the profit from the business has to be paid to the main company or the parent company.


The most successful and well-known company in India is Amul. It is actually a co-operative society, which was formed in 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel. It is headquartered in Anand, Gujarat. And the membership of this organization is about 30 lakhs. Amul sells a wide variety of food products. One of which is milk, butter, ghee, cheese, ice cream, chocolate etc. They sell food products under their own brand. Which is well connected with the market. The company is looking to open a franchise network across the country to expand its business.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 5 – 10 Lakhs

Area: 300 – 700 sq.ft

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Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s Pizza is a popular pizza shop chain in the United States. It was first created in 1960 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There are more than 5,000 Domino’s Pizza outlets in nearly 70 countries. Since 1996 they started their first business in India. And currently there are more than a thousand outlets across the country. The company is trying to expand the business through franchise.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 10 – 12 lakhs

Area: 500 – 800 sqft


The tempting and delicious crispy fried chicken is the main attraction here. KFC started the first fast-food restaurant chain in the United States in 1930. The first business was opened in Louisville, Kentucky. After that it spread slowly. Currently, KFC’s business has spread to more than 20,000 locations in 140 countries. Since its inception in 1995, the company has opened more than four hundred stores in India. They even want to expand the franchise in this country.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 15 – 18 lakhs

Area: 500 – 1200 Sq.ft

Vadilal Ice Cream:

This Indian ice cream maker started its journey in 1907 from Gujarat. And today their outlets are spread in major cities of the country. There are 500 dealers and distributors. At Bhadilal, customers will get the opportunity to choose their favorite ice cream from around 200 types of ice cream. Be it supermarkets or free-standing stores – this company’s ice cream is available everywhere. Ice cream parlors can be set up in the city with Vadilal’s franchise. This franchise should be in a busy area. Qualified staff should be kept. The franchise agreement will be renewed after the initial three years. Its headquarters is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 5 – 10 Lakhs


Ayurveda science is also keeping pace with the modern age. That is why the Indian FMCG firm Patanjali Ayurveda Limited was started by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna. There are about 500 types of products in a total of 45 categories. More than five hundred Ayurvedic pharmacies, more than 10 thousand farmers and 6 thousand Ayurvedic doctors are associated with this organization. Patanjali has even expanded its business all over the world to countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Along with that, they have plans to increase the franchise network in the country as well.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 5 – 7 Lakhs

Area: 500 – 700 sq.ft

Javed Habib Hair & Beauty Franchise:

This company has developed a chain of hair and beauty salons in more than seven hundred places in the country. Which was started by Javed Habib in 1996. Various services including nail, skin and hair care are provided here. As a result they are looking to expand more franchises across the country.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 10 – 12 lakhs

Area: 800 – 1000 Sq.ft


This company started business in 2011. Delivery has become a rival to logistics leaders Bluedart and Gati Limited within a decade. This company is very popular among customers. A very small amount of investment is required to start this franchise.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 2 – 5 Lakhs

Area: 400 – 500 Sq.ft


Lakme is one of the best beauty brands in India. Franchise of this organization can be taken. Lakme salve is safe and great medium. An application for taking a franchise can be submitted after agreeing with the company’s business policy. This business also has great growth opportunities.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 50 – 60 Lakhs

Area: 900 sqft

Kalyan Jewellers:

T.S. Kalyanaraman has 45 years of business experience. In 1993, he founded Kalyan Jewellers. The company specializes in manufacturing gold and diamond studded gold jewellery. They have jewelery stores in 21 Indian states. Not only here, Kalyan Jewelers has 30 showrooms in West Asian countries as well. In the first quarter of the financial year 2021, the profit of this jewelery company increased by 54.05 percent. As a result of which it is understood that taking a franchise of this company can run the business very well. But yes Kalyan Jewellers’ showroom purchase requires strong financial position and 10 years of business experience.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: 50 Lakhs – 1 Crore

Area: 100 – 1500 sqft

Dr. Red PathLabs:

Dr. has been running India’s diagnostic healthcare chain for more than 60 years. Red Pathlabs. There are 1650 types of tests related to oncology, nutrition, genetics, biophysics, flow cytometry and cytogenetics etc. Tests and reports are all done here. A house on the ground floor is required to take its franchise. 25 – 30 percent of the royalty or commission to be paid to the franchisee.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 3 – 5 Lakhs

Area: 3500+ Sq.ft

First Cry:

This company sells a variety of products for newborns and toddlers online at competitive prices. In 2010 Mahindra Group of Companies founded First Cry. However, they started distributing franchises after one year. They are currently Asia’s largest children’s goods retailer. First Cry has more than 2000 reputed brands. Must have great skills to operate this store. Franchise stores should be staffed to meet the needs of parents.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 20 – 30 Lakhs

Area: 1000 – 2000 sqft

DTDC Courier Service:

DTDC is one of the most popular and well-known courier services in India. Through this, various items and necessary documents are delivered from one place to another. DTDC first started business in Bangalore in 1990. There are over 1,000 franchise locations across the country.

Requirements for Starting a Franchise:

Investment: Rs 10 – 12 lakhs

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