Viral Year Ender 2022: Top Viral Videos And Viral Trends Of 2022 That Rocked The Internet

Kolkata: Sometimes a few seconds of video. Sometimes a reel. An event on the ever-famous award stage. 2022 has seen several things that can go viral in an instant. Netdunya has beaten a video at one time of the whole year. It has been studied all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the list of such viral videos at the end of the year.

On the award stage:
Stage at the 94th Academy Awards. March 2022. Comedian Chris Rock was hosting the stage. At that time, he made some comments about Jada Pinkett, wife of actor Will Smith. That’s when Will Smith came on stage and slapped Chris Rock. The moment of the incident instantly went viral all over the world. Whose fault? Many people were divided into 2 camps.

Elon buying Coca-Cola?
Throughout 2022, Elon Musk has repeatedly come to practice. Tesla’s buyout of Twitter – made headlines for a number of reasons. Meanwhile, a tweet by Elon Musk went viral. Tweeted just after buying Twitter Elon Musk. He wrote there that he was going to buy Coca-Cola. It went viral. Discussions started all over the world, comments were read.

Viral Keys:
Kili Paul (Kili Paul) and his sister Neema Paul (Neema Paul) are very well known on social media. Those two brothers and sisters who are residents of Tanzania are social media influencers. Several videos of them lip-syncing and dancing to various Bollywood songs are already viral. This year their lip-sync video with the song of Bollywood hit movie ‘Shershah’ went viral.

World Cup Predictions:
Much of this year has been spent in football World Cup fever. won argentina. It was during that victory that a tweet suddenly came to the fore. A person’s tweet claimed that the 2022 World Cup will be won by Messi. That tweet was made in March 2015. In 2022 messiThat tweet went viral again on social media after winning the cup.

To the dance beat:
The team is all male. All are foreigners. They have created a storm on social media. Because of their dazzling dance with Bollywood songs. Several videos of this dance group have gone viral throughout the year. Name, thequickstyle. Bollywood’s Kaala Chashma- song made by them went viral on social media. Since then they made reels with Bollywood songs one after another. And each one is viral.

Rise of raw almonds:
Very early in the year. The meteoric rise of a nut seller in West Bengal. Courtesy of his song – Kacha Badam. In the race for the most viral videos of the year, which will be at the top. Nut vendor Bhuvan Badyakar composed the music himself to sell his nuts. Someone made a video and uploaded it on Instagram. It went viral immediately. Then the song was remixed. The trend of making numerous reels began. Later the song was also recorded with Bhuvan Bandyakar.

Viral Video, Source Pakistan:
No one can tell when something goes viral. Like this video. A young woman from Pakistan, named Ayesha. She danced to Lata Mangeshkar’s famous song ‘Mere Dil Ye Pukare Aaja’ at a wedding. He posted that video on his Instagram handle. That went viral like a storm. The trend of making reels with that song also started.

The magic of flowers:
Southern movie Pushpa. This movie of Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandana is viral. Samantha Prabhu had an item dance number in this movie. That too has gone viral. Throughout 2022, C was trending at home and abroadto take Two songs. And many reels have been made with it. Some of them have gone viral.

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