US prepares Zelenski trip to meet Biden in Washington this Wednesday – 12/20/2022 – World

O President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskymay travel to the United States this Wednesday (21) to meet with Democrat Joe Biden in Washington, government officials told the American press.

If it comes to fruition, it will be the first time that Zelensky leaves Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, on 24 February🇧🇷 The trip has not been officially confirmed for security reasons, and the meeting is not on Biden’s agenda.

There is the expectation that the Ukrainian president will still address the Congress. THE House Speaker Nancy Pelosisent a message to the House’s deputies “encouraging all members to attend the Wednesday night session in person” which, according to the text, will be “very special”.

To the CBS channel, deputy Marcy Kaptur, from the bench that deals with Ukraine, confirmed the efforts to bring the president of the eastern European country. “We would be very honored to have him. I’m surprised he can come given the situation. It would be a great gift to have him on Capitol Hill,” he said, with the proviso that “you’ll understand if he can’t come at the last minute.”

The speech to Congress would take place as the government tries to approve next year’s budget, which includes a package of US$ 45 billion (R$ 234 billion) in aid to Ukraine – US$ 13 billion in direct economic aid to the government; US$ 9 billion in direct spending on the country’s Army, with salaries, training, weapons and logistics; and the remainder in humanitarian actions, construction of infrastructure and replacement of equipment already sent by the US government. If approved, it will be the biggest aid package to the country in 10 months of war.

According to the American press, Zelensky should meet with congressmen from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Republicans have been increasingly resistant to sending financial aid to the European country and are calling for a reduction in public spending, which includes cutting military assistance. Starting in January, Republicans will have a majority in the House.

Zelensky made a surprise visit this Tuesday to the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, in the east of the country, where clashes with Russian troops are concentrated. According to the Associated Press agency, he received a flag from the soldiers and promised to deliver it to Biden.

“They handed over our beautiful Ukrainian flag with their signatures for us to pass along,” he said, according to the agency. “We are not in an easy situation. The enemy is increasing his army. Our people are braver and need more powerful weapons. Let’s move on from the boys [soldados] to Congress, to the President of the United States. We are grateful for your support, but it is not enough. It’s a tip, not enough.”

Early in the war, the United States even offered Zelensky the possibility of removing him from the country, which the president denied, saying he needed “ammunition, not a ride.”

Zelensky and Biden speak frequently on the phone, and the ukrainian has also addressed the US Congress via video earlier this war🇧🇷 Although there is no record that the president left the country, a number of leaders went to visit him in Ukraine, such as the former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson🇧🇷 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also went to the capital Kiev. Earlier this month, members of the Ukrainian government and parliament traveled to Washington to discuss financial assistance for the country.

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