US Court to Decide Fate of Biden’s Involvement in Gaza Genocide | Israel War on Gaza

The ongoing war between Israel and Gaza has left behind an unimaginable scale of destruction, with a death toll surpassing 25,000 Palestinians. Amid this chaos, the pivotal role of United States President Joe Biden in extending unwavering military and diplomatic support to Israel has come under intense scrutiny. Shawan Jabarin, the general director of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq, has questioned the threshold at which President Biden would consider the loss of Palestinian lives sufficient to cease the support for Israel’s aggressive actions. Moreover, Jabarin emphasized that the war on Gaza would not have been feasible without the backing of the United States.

Understanding the Lawsuit

In response to the unrelenting conflict, Al-Haq, along with two other advocacy groups and affected individuals from Palestine, initiated a legal proceeding against President Biden and other high-ranking US officials, accusing them of complicity in genocide. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in California, alleges that the Biden administration has failed to fulfill its international and domestic legal obligations to prevent genocide. The complaint specifically implicates Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, asserting that they have not only neglected their duty to prevent genocide but have also facilitated the conditions conducive to its development.

Justifying the Lawsuit

The lawsuit is deeply rooted in the 1948 Genocide Convention, which mandates state parties to prevent and punish genocide. It emphasizes the United States’ obligation to exert its influence to deter the unfolding of a genocide against the Palestinian population. The complaint further cites explicit statements from senior Israeli officials, such as Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s dehumanizing remarks, as evidence of Israel’s genocidal intentions. It stands on the premise that nations possessing the capability to influence a country at the risk of genocide must undertake all measures within their power to avert such a tragedy.
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Government's Defence

In response to the lawsuit, the Biden administration has moved for its dismissal, contending that the court is overstepping into areas under the authority of the political branches of the government. This argument, termed as the political question doctrine, is commonly utilized in foreign affairs cases to assert that the judiciary should not interfere with decisions concerning foreign policy. Oona Hathaway, a law professor, highlighted the prevalent use of this doctrine in cases related to the US’s involvement in foreign military actions and expressed skepticism regarding the court’s disposition to entertain the claim.

Efforts to Stop the Genocide

The plaintiffs have staunchly opposed the government’s reliance on the political question doctrine, emphasizing that the case primarily revolves around compliance with the law and the prevention of genocide. Their stance underscores the significance of upholding international law to safeguard lives and prevent the continuation of the genocide. Shawan Jabarin expressed hope for a favorable ruling from the federal court, underscoring the unprecedented nature of the case and its significance in upholding the principles of justice and dignity.

In Conclusion

The impending hearing in the federal court will serve as a watershed moment in determining the accountability of the United States in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza. The outcome of the case will not only influence the dynamics of the current conflict but will also set a crucial precedent in upholding international law and human rights in the face of global crises. It stands as an endeavor to hold accountable those in positions of power and to ensure the prevention of atrocities, emphasizing the paramount importance of the rule of law, peace, and justice.


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