UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING. Chemical submission: the symptoms that should alert victims drugged by relatives

A #Mendorspas awareness campaign was launched this Monday, May 22 to warn about this very widespread phenomenon which consists of drugging a person without their knowledge to abuse them.

Entitled #Mendorspas, an information and awareness campaign was launched this Monday, May 22 on social networks with the support of associations and the Paris addictovigilance center in order to prevent and alert on this unknown but widespread “scourge”. : chemical submission.

What does it consist of ?

This campaign aims to make the general public and health professionals aware of this phenomenon in order to remedy it. Chemical submission consists of drugging a person without their knowledge in order to abuse them without the latter being able to react or sometimes even being aware of it.

If the victims realize that they have been drugged, they will be able to react. By informing as many people as possible, the movement hopes to better prevent, protect and optimize the care of potential or proven victims.

This campaign also serves to warn the victims because this type of chemical submission is not due as one imagines to GHB in a nightclub, but most of the time takes place in the private sphere.

Who is behind this campaign?

Caroline Darian is behind this awareness campaign. She wrote a book about her story and started a movement.

Because this 44-year-old woman has known the ravages of chemical submission well. For more than ten years her mother was drugged by her father to abuse her and have her raped by other men.

This movement is supported by dozens of personalities like the former Minister of Sports, now Secretary General of the Interministerial Mission for the Protection of Women against Violence, actress Sara Mortensen, singer Olivia Ruiz, actress Julia Vignali or even host Daphné Bürki.

Who is concerned ?

Next to 600 complaints are filed each year but as this violence is unknown the number of victims ist vastly underestimated, as specified France info. In addition, some victims do not realize, not to mention those who have amnesia, side effects of the substance administered. We must also take into account people who do not dare to file a complaint against their loved one.

In 9 cases out of 10, the victims are women, but this chemical submission also affects men, children, “from infants to the elderly in all social circles”, specifies Caroline Darian.

What are the warning signs?

The dedicated site to fight against chemical submission, mendorspas.org lists the different symptoms: amnesia, drowsiness, coma, neurological disorders with dizziness or convulsions, behavioral disorders, nausea, vomiting.

The only concern is that the symptoms are not specific, it is therefore necessary to be attentive to signs suggestive of a possible aggression such as signs of physical violence, disorders in clothing, “loss” of bank card or checkbook. ..

How is this possible?

The medicinal substances that are used the most are easily available and are sold with or without a prescription as anxiolytics, hypnotics or antiallergics are all therapeutic classes diverted for their sedative properties.

Substances that are easy to find and store for attackers.

What to do ?

People who think they are victims must communicate. We must not remain isolated. One must contact the police and/or another anonymous and free listening device such as France Victim116 006 or even Violence Women Info3919.

But it is also strongly advised to keep the suspected vector as the drink or dishkeep chemical submission agent suspected as the product or medicine, of preserve hair, chemicals remain, do not cut, dye or bleach.

And it is imperative to consult a doctor.

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