Two upazilas will suffer

The construction of the bridge over Sonali Chela river in Sunamganj is going on at a fast pace. When the bridge work is completed, a unique example will be established in the field of road communication between Companyganj upazila of Sylhet with Chhatak of Sunamganj. Along with the improvement of the communication system, the economic development of the region will be accelerated. The business and trade of the two upazilas will expand further. The long-term suffering of the people of this region will end.

It is known on the ground that India is on the northern border of the upazila. Sonali Chela and Mora Chela along with other rivers join the Surma river near Meghalaya state of India. Basically, various businesses including stone, limestone, sand were developed here based on the river. These trades have been going on since ancient times. Due to which several industrial factories have been established here. Sonali Chela River flows by Islampur Union of Upazila. Sand stone is transported by boat on that river. On the other side of the river are other areas including Telikhal Union of Companyganj Upazila of Sylhet. The Sonali Chela river divided the two unions of Islampur in Chatak and Telikhal in Companyganj. The only hope was to cross in a man-eating boat during monsoons and monsoons. As a result, thousands of people in this region have to suffer. In view of the demands of the local people, the A. League government took the initiative to build a bridge over the river.

In December 2019, the foundation stone of the bridge between Goalgaon and Ambari villages was laid by Muhibur Rahman Manik, the current Member of Parliament of Chatak-Doarabazar Constituency. Bridge construction work started from 2020. In view of the long-standing demands of the two upazila residents, the dream is now being fulfilled. After the completion of the bridge and approach works, the communication system will be opened directly from Companyganj to Kheyaghat of Surma river near Ganeshpur village of Chatak. After the completion of the bridge work, the 1000 meter approach work on both sides of the bridge will begin. The 470 meter long bridge is being constructed by M/s Nararun, a Dhaka contractor. Its cost is estimated at 52 crore rupees.

According to the sources of Chatak Upazila LGED office, Goalgaon bridge built on Sonali Chela river has been estimated to cost 52 crore rupees. About 60 percent of the bridge work has been completed. There is 200 meters left in the canopy part of the bridge and 800 meters approach in the Companyganj part. It is the largest bridge in Chattak. The length of the bridge is 470 meters. 13 pairs of 26 paving pillars have been completed and the installation of girder is in progress. The installation of the girder on the terrace was completed long ago. The work of setting up the grader of Companyganj part is going on. Apart from this, among the significant works of the upazila under LGED is the construction of a 99 meter long bridge at a cost of Tk 12.8 million in Binandpur-Khalagaon area on Boterkhal river. 60 meter long bridge in Chanbari Bazar area at a cost of Tk 5.75 crore, 52 m length bridge in Chanpur Bazar area at a cost of Tk 3.5 crore, Kupia bridge of 28 m length at a cost of Tk 2.39 lakh, Kalarukandtajpur 7.5 km road renovation at a cost of Tk 2.5 crore Work, paving of 5 km of Gobindganj-Basantpur road at a cost of Tk 6.5 crore, Moinpur-Kathashala one kilometer RCC road work will be started at a cost of Tk 1 crore 59 lakh, 48 meter length Magura bridge of Norai-Baliura road at a cost of Tk 3 crore 35 lakh, approx. Two bridges on Chramhalla Chanpun road at a cost of Tk 10 crore, Bhatgaon-Maralpur 2 km RCC road at a cost of Tk 3 crore along with Adan-Amertal 2 km RCC road are in progress.

Upazila LGED engineer Afshar Ahmed said that Goalgaon bridge built on Sonali Chela river will be completed by 2023. As such, the contractor is doing construction work at a fast pace. So far 60 percent of the bridge work has been done. Upazila LGED office is doing regular supervision. There will be 200 meters approach work on the canopy part of the bridge and 800 meters approach work on the Companyganj part. 470 meters long, this bridge is the largest bridge in Chatak. The expenditure has been estimated at 52 crore rupees. He said, there will be another bridge on Mara Chela river. Another culvert will be constructed on the side and direct connection will be established with Norai road.

Former Chief Engineer Khalilur Rahman, Sylhet Additional Chief Engineer Prakash Chandra Biswas, Sunamganj XEN Mahbub Alam inspected the work of the bridge under construction on the Sonali Chela river on December 13.

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