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Chay Suede’s character, Ari will make a fuzuê at the door of Breeze (Lucy Alves) believer she’ll be running away with Tony (Vicente Alvite) em Crossing🇧🇷 He will appear with the police on the next visit the heir will make to his mother and will end up embarrassed by inventing a child theft for law enforcement officials. Everything will be just a misunderstanding, and the architect will have to leave with his tail between his legs in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

The scenes air between the chapters of this Thursday (22) and Friday (23). After the fiasco at the hearing of the custody dispute, Oto (Romulo Estrela) will present himself to the judge in the case to show that he is not a criminal.

The public will see the hacker’s chat with the judge at the same time that the woman from Maranhão will be with her son at Nunes’ bar (Orá Figueiredo) and will post a video doing a little dance. Brisa will take her son by the hand and go with him to Joel’s (Nando Cunha) house, when a hell of a mess will start.

O property owner will take a tumble a ladder, and employees and customers alike will raise a whoop. Meanwhile, Dina (Renata Tobelem) will answer a call from the architect wanting to speak with her son.

The housekeeper will not be able to locate the boy and will ask to call a few minutes and she will look for him. Snorting with rage, Ari will already shout that the former partner is hiding the child.

father taken by rage

Uncompensated, he will take the car and call the police claiming that his ex-wife is running away with their son. the boyfriend of Chiara (Jade Picon) will already appear in Vila Isabel, in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro, with the police patrol. “Where’s my son?” she will scream. “He really came”, Dina will release. “Is this police for me?”, asks the girl.

“It’s for you, yes. And I’m within my rights. The order is that the visit has to be accompanied and, for that, we send a person along, to accompany, not to facilitate she run away again with him, as already escaped twice. I’m on my right: where’s Tonho?”, asks the troublemaker. The argument will go away until Joel holds his temper and remembers that it’s not good for a child to see his parents in this type of situation.

“She asked, didn’t she? Why did she hide from Dina’s eyes?”, continued the marrento. “She didn’t hide, no. She was here, at the neighbor’s house”, counters Guerra’s employee (Humberto Martins). Breeze will want to curl, but her friends will put warm cloths.

Dina revolts with shack

The waiter will invite Ari into his house and see that the boy is fine, playing. He will see Tonho all happy with Karina (Danielle Olímpia) and he will be embarrassed. “They’ll excuse me, but I don’t accompany these visits anymore, no, let them arrange another one”, Dina will rebel. “He lied, didn’t he? Where’s the boy gone? Where is he?”, Brisa cries out.

She will be informed by the police that she will be able to file a police report, but she will give up thanks to the “stop it” crowd. To complete, Oto’s conversation with the judge will be positive, and Juliana (Tataba Contri) will then receive the news that the mother-son meetings will no longer need to be attended by a representative of Ari.

crossing is a novel written by Gloria Perez🇧🇷 The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonça Filho and is set in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão. The prediction is that the serial will remain on the air until April next year.

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