Traveling with three small children is delicious madness – 12/24/2022 – Maternar

I didn’t know I needed to ride a tube in a warm pool so badly until I had this experience with my kids a few days ago.

There were four days where we could switch off a little bit of everything and enjoy each one to the fullest.

The experience in this pool, which has a greenish color, was quite significant. Me in the middle, Miguel on the left arm, Helena on the right. Samuca preferred the afternoon nap in his room with his father.

I began to reflect on my year. I remembered the beginning of the boys’ classes, the fear of being different, the crying, the welcome from the teachers and then the joy (ours and theirs) of going to school every day.

While the buoy slid, and I covered Migs’ face, which he wiped out with the nice swing. I only woke up with the jets of hot water from the waterfalls. I didn’t have the dexterity to dodge almost any.

I also couldn’t get rid of my children from so many day cares throughout that year. There were endless fevers, flu, viruses and otitis. Tiredness, exhaustion and sleep accompanied me for many days.

The weather warmed up, the illnesses took a break and they acquired immunity. The sun was hot, delicious, we decided to continue in the pool with current.

Another jet of water, another slight awakening, but sliding was so good that Miguel quickly went back to sleep. There he taught me to rest and let the wind blow where it will.

Helena read everything she saw along the way. So proud of this amazing girl! This year she learned to read and write and for a journalist mother, the taste is even sweeter.

As at the beginning of the tour, the time to descend required help. I had to learn to ask. Whether to get in and out of the tube with the children, or to stay with them while working or studying. I had help from so many people.

It’s not easy traveling with three kids. When Helena, 5, wanted to go on the waterslide, Samuel, 2, wanted to play in the sand. When Miguel, 2, wanted to sleep, Helena wanted to dance with the pool recreation. The good old “you stay here for a bit, your brothers and I will be right back” worked most of the time.

When there was no agreement, Dé and I focused on the fact that they were learning (by force) that life is hard and you have to give in. In the end, the waves, the water jets, the slide, the seesaw and the cupcake class sorted it all out.

There was a Christmas show, rock band and pagode group. Toboggan, water slides and free sugar.

He also juggled fetching all the meals and getting everyone to eat together — or at least try to eat. The dry meat risotto and succulent lamb stand out.

But there was also plenty of time to talk while the little ones slept in the back seat (it’s 430 km from São Paulo to Olímpia). On the way back, more time to reflect on all of this and see that, just as our year was, with perrengues, tears and difficult decisions, the ending was fun and it worked, because we are together.

May your Christmas be blessed and that in 2023 we can experience sunny days, loving laps, incredible trips and complete nights of sleep. I go on vacation and come back in February. Until then!

The reporter traveled at the invitation of the Hot Beach Parque & Resorts office

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