Trapped: 11 miners stranded underground in Zimbabwe mine collapse

**Rising Tensions: 11 Miners Trapped Underground in Zimbabwe Mine Collapse**

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a distressing situation as eleven subsistence mine workers remain trapped in an underground shaft following a ground collapse at Redwing Mine, located approximately 270 km west of Harare. According to authorities, the incident occurred on a Thursday morning and initial assessments suggest that earth tremors may have been the cause of the collapse. This unfortunate event has prompted the Zimbabwean mines ministry to issue a statement regarding the matter.

**Rescue Operations and Company Response**

Metallon Corporation, the owner of Redwing Mine, has also acknowledged the incident and has taken proactive measures by deploying a rescue team to facilitate the safe return of the trapped miners to the surface. However, despite several rescue attempts, the unstable ground has hindered their efforts, thus making the rescue operations unsafe. The company emphasized that thorough assessments of the ground conditions are being diligently conducted to ensure the safety of the rescue operations before proceeding further.

**Unsanctioned Mining Activities and Safety Concerns**

It has been disclosed by Metallon Corporation that mining activities at Redwing have been carried out by subsistence miners engaging in unsanctioned work since the mine was placed under corporate rescue in 2020. This revelation sheds light on the precarious nature of the mining operations and the vulnerability of the workers involved. Unfortunately, mine accidents are not uncommon in Zimbabwe, with disused mines often attracting young unemployed men who engage in hazardous mining activities without proper safety measures.

**The Plight of Unemployed Miners in Zimbabwe**

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The situation at Redwing Mine brings to the forefront the longstanding issue of unemployed individuals seeking livelihoods in unregulated and unsafe mining environments. In gold-rich areas of Zimbabwe, many young men have resorted to working in unregulated mines due to the lack of employment opportunities, leading to a disregard for safety procedures. This dire circumstance has resulted in various tragedies, such as the collapse of Bay Horse Mine in Chegutu, where at least nine individuals lost their lives in September.

**Addressing the Staggering Challenge**

The recurring incidents of mine collapses and the entrapment of workers underscore the pressing need for comprehensive measures to address the safety and well-being of mine workers in Zimbabwe. It is imperative for authorities and mining companies to prioritize the implementation of strict safety regulations, regular inspections, and the enforcement of standards to prevent similar tragedies. Moreover, sustainable efforts should be made to create lawful employment opportunities that dissuade individuals from engaging in perilous mining activities.

**A Call for Urgent Action**

As the rescue efforts continue at Redwing Mine, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of the trapped miners and expediting their successful return to the surface. Simultaneously, the government, mining companies, and relevant stakeholders must collaborate to develop and enforce stringent safety protocols that safeguard the lives of mine workers across Zimbabwe. The cascade of unfortunate incidents within the mining sector should serve as a catalyst for immediate and decisive actions towards securing the well-being of all individuals involved in mining activities.


The plight of the 11 miners trapped underground in Zimbabwe’s Redwing Mine collapse is a stark reminder of the perils faced by mine workers in unregulated and hazardous environments. The unfolding events serve as a clarion call for concerted efforts to prioritize the safety and welfare of miners, address the underlying economic challenges that drive individuals towards unsanctioned mining activities, and implement stringent regulations to avert further tragedies in the mining sector. The urgency of the situation necessitates swift and resolute action to ensure the well-being of all individuals engaged in mining activities in Zimbabwe.

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