Tragic death of cat thrown off Russian train sparks outrage

A heartbreaking incident has caused a wave of shock and outrage as a cat succumbed to a tragic fate after being callously thrown off a train in Russia. The conductor, at the center of this distressing event, is now facing severe backlash, with demands for her dismissal and potential prosecution echoing across various platforms.

The Heart-Wrenching Incident

The unfortunate demise occurred in Kirov on 11 January when Twix, a ginger-and-white cat, was callously discarded into the freezing snow by a female train conductor. It was reported that the cat had managed to escape from its travel crate, only to be mistaken for a stray by the conductor. The subsequent search for the missing feline, in bone-chilling temperatures as low as -30C, mobilized an extensive volunteer effort in the railway station area.

The Aftermath

Tragically, Twix was discovered lifeless on a Saturday, devastatingly confirming the worst fears of the pet’s distraught owners. The state-owned railway company, RZhD, extended their heartfelt apologies to the grieving family and committed to amending their regulations to prevent such distressing incidents in the future.

Outpouring of Outrage and Calls for Action

The heartrending ordeal has sparked a groundswell of public support, with numerous petitions swiftly garnering an overwhelming response. Calls for the conductor to be dismissed from her position and to face potential prosecution have resonated with a wide audience. The resounding sentiment of dissatisfaction found expression in two separate petitions, each advocating for the respective forms of retribution. The clamor for justice has reverberated across social media and beyond, with close to 70,000 individuals adding their voices to a petition urging the initiation of a criminal investigation against the conductor. Despite local authorities’ reluctance to pursue legal action, the relentless outcry for accountability continues to intensify.
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The Road to Justice and Closure

In the wake of this harrowing episode, one of Twix’s owners has voiced his determination to seek recourse through the judicial system. The fervent pursuit of justice serves as a testament to the profound impact of this distressing incident, as the family endeavors to navigate the path towards closure and redress.


The devastating loss of Twix not only leaves a profound void in the hearts of those who cherished the feline but also serves as a stark reminder of the need for compassion, empathy, and accountability in all circumstances. As the calls for justice grow louder, the collective hope is for measures to be taken to prevent the recurrence of such tragic events and to uphold the sanctity and welfare of all living beings, particularly those entrusted to our care.


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