Top 10 News See HS Result 2023 In ABP Ananda Website, Piyali Basak Suffers From Pneumonia | Top 10 News : HS result on ABP Anand website, Mamata-Kejri meeting at Navanna

today High school result

The results of high school will be published today. Result declaration at 12 noon. Candidates can check the result on ABP Anand website from 12:30 PM. Said highSecondary Education Parliament. Marksheet will be available on 31st May.

Dead in the stake fire 2

After Egra, Bajbaj, Malda’s English Bazaar. A fire broke out in a betting shop in the market, a stone’s throw away from the municipality. Both died due to burns in successive explosions. According to sources, the fire started due to explosion from carbide. 16 people lost their lives in the state in the last seven days.

Questions on the role of the police
‘The police did not take any action even though they knew everything’ A section of the bereaved family made an explosive complaint in the Egra incident. Knowing everything, why was the police silent? What is behind the money game? The question arises. Jatugriha Bengal during Trinamool period. Opponents on the attack. Trinamool raised a counter tone.

Police siege warning

I will see for 2-3 days, it is not bullying, then there will be a police raid. This is how the opposition leader warned after going to Egra police station. Shubendu is doing drama. Kunal Ghosh countered. In protest against the Egra blasts, BJP led a protest march from Egra Bus Stand to Digha Mor under the leadership of Subhendu Adhikari.

Trinamool leader arrested in bombing!

A Trinamool leader has been arrested in the Dubrajpur blast. Dhrit Sheikh Mainuddin alias Munna is a member of Trinamool’s Dubrajpur block committee. A Trinamool leader and a worker were arrested in connection with the explosion.

Mamata-Kejri meeting in Nabanna

Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal tried to highlight the unity of the anti-BJP camp by meeting in Nabanna before the 24th Lok Sabha polls. Despite speaking of opposition, Trinamool and AAP have favored the BJP by repeatedly dividing opposition votes in various states. Complaints, CPM-Congress. Trinamool refuses to accept this theory.

Letter written in blood!

Puja was offered at Kalighat. The protest was made with a dish in hand and smeared with ink on the face. A letter was written in blood to the Chief Minister. In eight hundred days of the movement, he took such a novel approach to protest SSCJob seekers of

New guidelines on body transfer

After the Jalpaiguri and Kaliaganj incidents, Navanna has issued new guidelines for hospitals in disposing of bodies. The dead body should be released from the hospital only if necessary arrangements are made to transport the dead body. It is clearly stated in the guidelines.

The end was not saved

Madan Mitra was standing next to him, but he was not spared. On Tuesday, Subhdeep Pal, who was injured in a bike accident, died at Calcutta Medical College Hospital. On Friday, the Trinamool MLA got involved in a clash with the SSKM authorities while trying to admit the youth.

Demolition of illegal constructions started

On the order of the High Court, the party office of Trinamool Shikshabandhu Samiti, which was illegally established at the BT Road campus of Rabindra Bharati University, has been demolished. On Tuesday, the workers of the Kolkata Municipality started the work of demolishing the illegal construction under police security. A case was filed in the High Court alleging that the heritage building was demolished and the party office was constructed.

Financial fraud in the DA movement?

Crores of money embezzled in the name of DA movement. A government employee made such an explosive complaint. This time, the protestors raised complaints by publishing the audit report. Bhaskar Ghosh has also been criticized for trying to vandalize the movement with the support of the ruling party. BJP with counter agitators
Complainant’s demand for addition.

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