This is the savings you will have if you fill the tank of your car before 2023 arrives

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Everything seems to indicate that in the next the council of ministers announces the date of elimination of the discount of 20 cents on fuel. Some help that could end next December 31. For this reason, they are many users who are already approaching gas stations to fill the tank of their cars and thus save some euros…

However, from EL ESPAÑOL we have asked ourselves… How much does a user save if he fills the deposit before the 20 cent discount ends? Is it worth it to go to the gas stations now and wait for a possible queue, or is it really not that bad?

Well, to verify it in first person, we have gone to a gas station to carry out the operation. Specifically, the chosen service station is Plenoilone of the ‘low cost’ fuel companies that sell the most in Spain (In 2021 it closed with about 327 million liters served, only behind another low-priced company such as Ballenoil, with 334 million liters of fuel served).

The gas station is located in the Vicálvaro neighborhood, on Calle Pirotecnia in Madridand the price of fuel (unleaded gasoline 95) of the past Friday December 23 was 1,477 euros per liter.

At this price, it would therefore be necessary to discount the applied discount of 20 cents according to royal decree law 6/2022 of March 29, 2022, which leaves a liter of fuel at 1,277 euros.

Image of the pump where we have refuelled.

Image of the pump where we have refuelled.

Jose Luis Cano

How much you save with a deposit

Regarding the vehicle used, we have moved with the Kia Sportage that we have in the writing of EL ESPAÑOL to do a long-term test of about 10,000 kilometers.

This SUV is mid-size and has a hybrid powertrain. It has a 230 CV of power and, more or less, has a consumption of about 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers, if you do a mixed driving between city and highway. It is a car that has a 54-liter tank.

So said and done. We decided to go to the gas station with a practically empty tank in order to carry out the test as effectively as possible. And once we get to gasoline we start serving the fuel.

Total, we managed to introduce 52.08 liters into the vehiclewhich means, in reality, that the car still had around two liters of fuel left for its operation, which would have allowed us to cover about 40 more kilometers.

Tested version of the Kia Sportage, with the hybrid engine and eco label.

Tested version of the Kia Sportage, with the hybrid engine and eco label.

Jose Luis Cano

We start the operation and once the deposit is filled we go to pay. In total they have been 76.92 euros, which means, therefore, that the real price of fuel is 1.4769 (a figure that by approximation the gas station leaves at 1.477 euros).

Now, from this amount we must now subtract the 20 cents of the subsidy approved by the Government. Therefore, in reality the price per liter remains at 1,277 euros. And if we multiply this number by the 52.08 liters supplied we have that the final price of filling the tank has been 66.50 euros.

Therefore, the saving that we have obtained when filling the deposit of the Kia Sportage of 54 liters has been of 10.42 euros.

How much is saved if we fill a deposit before 2023

Brand and model kia sportage hybrid
tank capacity 54 liters
refueled liters 52.08 liters
Fuel price without aid 1,477
Refueling the tank without aid €76.92
Fuel price with aid 1,277
Refueling of the tank with aid €66.50
Total savings with a full tank €10.42

Gas station where we have refueled in an image transferred from the archive.

Gas station where we have refueled in an image transferred from the archive.

Finally, note that with a full tank, the car’s computer tells us that we can travel 768 kilometers. Therefore, if we do calculations, this computer tells us that the actual cost of the Kia Sportage is 7 liters, a figure close to the 6.5 liters mentioned above.

A figure, on the other hand, which means that you have to travel 100 kilometers with the current price of fuel and this car is priced at 10.33 euros. Figure that would drop to 8.93 euros per 100 kilometers if we add the help of 20 cents.

With a full tank we can travel up to 768 kilometers.

With a full tank we can travel up to 768 kilometers.

Save up to 12 euros on a larger car

And in a smaller car and in a bigger one… how much is saved? Well, starting with a smaller car, we take as a reference one of the best sellers so far, which is the Seat Ibiza, a car that has a 40-liter tank. Therefore, filling the deposit of this model represents around 8 euros of savings currently with the 20 cents of the subsidy. And finally, with a bigger car, like the Volkswagen Passat with a 66-liter tank. the saving will be 12 euros for each complete refueling.

Undoubtedly, some figures that are more than reasonable and that we think They will make many users consider filling the tank of their cars before the end of the year. A situation that, on the other hand, will generate, in all probability, queues at gas stations.

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