This is how the newspapers vote on the TC

The readers of the press can rest easy. Nothing has happened today, today is once again a historic day. For the first time in its history, with a capital H, The Constitutional Court paralyzes a pending law. This institution says that it did it to preserve the rights of Parliament, which saw how Pedro Sanchez they were stolen with the aim of approving the reform of the system of election of justice by taking parliamentary shortcuts. The Government says that it complies, but accuses the Constitutional Court of sullying the separation of powers.

The voting thing is very morbid. I really like those of the Constitutional because it is not necessary to win by two. It was six to five and with rhyme, it’s over. It’s a real sudden death, not like the tie break of tennis, that you can throw yourself in presumed sudden death for hours.

I like voting so much that I have organized a vote among the newspapers on what happened yesterday. We are not going to be left behind in a matter of populism. The vote is expressed by each header through its editorial. This is very dangerous because people, darlings!, are going to love it and they can start asking for it every day.

Go for it. EL ESPAÑOL: in favor of what the Constitutional Court has done. Title your editorial: “The TC imposes parliamentary justice”. 1-0 wins the opposition.

The country: against what the Constitutional has done. He titled his editorial “The plenary session of sabotage” and dismissed what happened as “inconceivable in a hardened and experienced democracy”: “There is no room for more twisting of the rules.” He noted that, with this unexpected stance, we placed ourselves in a tie at one.

The reason: in favor! Who could have said it! Again a surprise, it’s exciting. The reason makes it 2-1 in favor of the opposition. Look how nice the title of its editorial: “Six good men in defense of the law.” against. It says: “The Constitutional Court gags Parliament.” Tie to two.

let’s go with ABC: in favor! Tremendous surprise in Las Gaunas. When nobody expected it, the monarchists score for the opposition. Three-two on the scoreboard. “There is no coup by the court. What is worrying is that the government has presented this episode as a pitched battle to achieve the submission of this institution.”

The vanguard: the Catalan newspaper has the opportunity to grant the Government a tie at three. But… he abstains! There is no editorial about it. Dedicate one of them to the Qatar issue and another to the Serrat concert today in Barcelona.

The confidential: the newspaper directed by Nacho Cardero can grant an insurmountable advantage to the opposition, but… abstain! There is no publisher. We do see an article by José Antonio Zarzalejos against the government, but it is a column, not a corporate opinion. The 3-2 continues in the light.

It’s the turn of infolibre, which can tie the game: draw, goal of the Government. Article by its director, Daniel Basteiro, describing the Constitutional Court as “a third chamber that citizens have not voted for.”

Those led by Joaquín Manso are going to take the last penalty. There it goes The world: in favor of the Constitutional. The editorial is titled “The Rule of Law is imposed”, which is also accompanied by a cover that says: “The Constitutional stops Sánchez’s plan to control it.” 4-3 in favor of the opposition.

We had selected eight media, four from the right and four from the left. But the abstention from The vanguard it has sunk Moncloa. I end with a piece of news in tribute to this very panic situation that we have experienced. In EL ESPAÑOL you can read messages exchanged by fernando arrabal and Trevijano, the president of the Constitutional, during this crisis. The genius of surrealism prescribes Trevijano in these difficult days… “a seminar of chaos and confusion”.

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez does every morning for ‘The Spain that gets up early’, in ‘More than One’Carlos Alsina’s program on Onda Cero.

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