This is how Putin “improves” his army of mercenaries

North Korea is, today, one of the countries most sanctioned in the world. He is also the one greater dexterity shows at the time of fight the restrictions. Year after year, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations (UN) have increased the list of punishments to Pyongyang for the development of its nuclear and weapons program. At the same rate, the North Korean leader, kim jong unhas been testing more and more powerful ballistic missiles.

These provocations are the ones that most worry the international community, but they are not the only ones. The world’s most secretive nation has also managed to import and export embargoed goods. Your last client? Russiaor rather: the Wagner Group, the organization of mercenaries at the service of the Kremlin responsible for some of the biggest atrocities perpetrated in Ukraine.

This was stated by the United States Government this Thursday in a statement stating that in the last month North Korea has handed over the paramilitary unit infantry rockets and missiles, who would have paid for the material. According to John Kirby, one of the White House spokesmen, sending this material will not change the dynamics of the conflict, but it sets a precedent for Pyongyang to send more weapons in the future. And that does worry.

Kim Jong-un asks Putin to work together to solve the nuclear problem in a file image.

Kim Jong-un asks Putin to work together to solve the nuclear problem in a file image.

“We urge North Korea to cease these deliveries immediately,” the US official said. Likewise, Kirby has recalled that openly violates the resolutions of the UN Security Council that prohibit Pyongyang from buying or selling military equipment.

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However, this move not only directly implicates Kim Jong-un in the war, which until now had been limited to to defend the illegal Russian annexation from four Ukrainian regions. It also indicates that the Wagner Group is increasing increasing its influence in the conflict coming to have a power even greater than that of the Armed Forces.

The 40,000 Wagner prisoners

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom stated a couple of days ago in its part of the war that the paramilitary organization “continued to play an important role“, especially in the battle of attrition that is taking place in the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region. “In recent months the Wagner Group has developed offensive tactics to make use of the large number of poorly trained prisoners that it has recruited and that it assesses as expendable,” added the British intelligence services.

The Wagner Group has been having trouble finding mercenaries willing to fight in the war in Ukraine for some time now. That’s why your boss Yevgeny Prighozinhe chose to tour the main prisons in the country to recruit willing inmates to join their ranks, some of them with serious illnesses.

Wagner group.

The problem is that most of these inmates have no military experience, which has led to a huge number of casualties. According to the data handled by the United States, there are currently 50,000 Wagner members on the battlefield, including 10,000 contractors and 40,000 prisoners.

Of them, only in the last few weeks it is estimated that 1,000 inmates have diedwhich has led the White House to accuse Prigozhin of having “no consideration for human life” and of sending the Russians to the “meat mincer”according to the agency efe.

Recruit women prisoners

To make up for those losses, the leader of the Russian group announced Thursday that he plans to recruit women from Russian prisons and send them to fight in Ukraine. Exactly as he did with men. “Not just as nurses or operatorsbut also as part of sabotage groups or sniper teams,” Prigozhin said through his Telegram channel. “Everyone knows that this has been done before,” he added, referring to the partisans who fought during the WWII.

Along these lines, he stated that he had already contacted some of the women who meet sentence in the IK-6 center of the city of Nizhny Tagil, in the Yekaterinburg region. “They are ready to go to the military operation zone. We are working in that direction. There is resistance, but I think we will overcome it,” he concludes.

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This announcement comes just one day after Putin announced that he would give carte blanche to his military. That he would not lack for anything and that “there would be no type of financing restriction“. A temporary coincidence that suggests that when the Russian president spoke of improving the conditions of his army, perhaps he was not referring only to the country’s Armed Forces -recently reinforced with 300,000 reservists-, but also to his retinue of mercenaries willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

Russia-Ukraine War

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