This incident cannot be called ‘breaking the lock’! –

Not the wine of debt, but they definitely drank tea (because there is an eternal and eternal relationship with the Mighty!) and knew that one day this faqa masti, from which the masti is now disappearing, will surely bring color.

So sir brought that color and looked so much that even our bespectacled eyes became dazzled. The incident is on a date of a month of a year that one of our friends played the role of Shaitan-e-Azam. In other words, they took us to their house. No sooner had he taken the traditional breath of imaginary satisfaction than it was reported that our dovecote, commonly known as the Daulat Khana (though the Daulat is missing from the end), had been broken open.

On reaching home, the whole nation gathered to offer condolences and to exhort the bereaved to be patient. We reassured all of them that our lock was broken from time immemorial. It was the cleanliness of our hands that created his illusion. That is, we used to stick it with such an artistic quality that it seemed to be closed, so this incident cannot be called ‘breaking the lock’. And secondly, by hanging it like this during the day, there was no fear of theft at night.

And then the state of the house that when someone comes, we have to make a pose in a very philosophical and monastic manner and say, “There was no boredom in the house today.”

Lede had a radio that looked like an old shoe box that would tune in to whatever station you didn’t want to tune in to. And in which half a dozen stations could be heard simultaneously. The story of the movie ‘Prem Ki Bulbul’ from Radio Salon’s Beopar Vibhag, film songs from Akash Vani’s panchrangi program Vodh Bharti, news in Arabic Farsi from Radio Pakistan, drama from Bombay, Tamil from Madras. Come and bat from Jalandhar. And when this point was at its peak, it seemed that the bombardment was being reported from a battlefield. And there was a clock that may have once been a clock. But now no such germs were found in it.

So sir, when you are aware of the poor condition of movable and immovable property, what is the grief of theft! The only thing that was sad was how hard the poor man had to move every single thing in the house and he could not even get the bus fare to return. What must he be thinking in his heart? What can be more disrespectful? Don’t send money orders to us tomorrow! Or by forming the Akhil Bharatiya Chor Sabha, they did not think about the welfare of people like us.

Well, what happened happened. But now, for such dire times, when the honor of the house is at stake, we must save something. Our accounting of income and expenditure was so progressive that even if a thousand accountants were hired and hundreds of commissions were set up, they would not be friends with each other. So accounting or budgeting was like u. N. Taking up the issue of Kashmir. Instead of getting into this mess, we used our veto power, did not come, did not follow, did not follow, immediately took hundred rupees and kept them in a place where they became strangers to us.

Four, five days passed smoothly and we didn’t realize that we parted with our hundred rupees. Rather, we were feeling very proud that we also became property owners. There was a certain tension in the neck and a weakness in the gait. And the narrator even says that there was a revolution in the lips and tone. We used to chatter all the time with the chumps like us and laugh that could be heard for yards and miles. Now they used to work only with subliminal tabsum (that which has less tabsum and more modesty). And sitting and chatting with this poor nation had now become the story of the past. Although this change had an effect on us, there was severe pain in the neck, tongue, jaw, lip and stomach for several days. Health continued to decline. He had no heart in any work, what he was forced to do, that is the way of the property owner class.

On the sixth day, he suddenly passed through the market. A beautiful saree was waving in the shop. We saw her first then the sari stitched from our two and a half places. And moved forward with a loving sigh. Because in order to save a hundred rupees, it was necessary that we walk around wearing a torn saree from not two and a half but three and four and a half places.

After walking two steps, the year-old slippers were also worn. Bye, bye she said. Then he put a hundred note on his heart which was heavier than a stone and stuck a pin in his slipper.

Gradually we started reaching college with disheveled dry hair, sunken eyes, dull lips and a blank, desolate face. People and people thought that maybe one of our loved ones has died. That is why we are so sad. Or maybe we have started a new love affair that will break all previous records in terms of intensity. Therefore, on the one hand, a condolence meeting was organized, on the other hand, advice was given in a very confidential manner. And then we declared that neither death nor romance has a hand in this mourning. Everything is Maya’s trap and our trick. That means we have saved a hundred rupees. As a result we have not been able to afford the luxuries of lipsticks, powders, mascaras, creams, oils. If you people are afraid that your fragile nature will not be able to bear this desolate state of ours and it is quite possible that half of us will have a heart failure due to this shock, then happily (or regretfully) eight of our sixteen or eight Make arrangements, we will have absolutely no objection.

Well sir, put dust on the face, that it is made of dust and will be found in dust. And look at the biography that it is neither created by anyone nor will it be found in anyone. But alas, this biography is also being picked alive in the glittering wall of a hundred rupees, i.e. 10,000 new money, and I dare not pull it. can take out

Yes, the story of Hatim Tai is like that, as usual, some girls whose faces are covered with the dust of poverty and poverty. Whose eyes are bent with the burden of regret and despair. Those who consider themselves guilty to such an extent that they never laugh, smile or jump. Rather, they are always bent over and if they have enough, they might be buried alive in the ground. So two such girls asked for entry fee of Rs. Because they had heard that there was a being kicking (albeit slowly) at Hatim’s grave.

Fifteen days of the month have passed. We have not seen the picture. Stopped drinking tea (with his own money) in the canteen. Stopped coming and going to people’s houses so as not to collect money on buses and taxis. But there are those who get up and leave as soon as they get up. Big and small slaves like Ali’s threads and now the thread has reached the point where the tea leaf is preparing to leave and is singing a farewell song of thanks. And flour, dal, rice, oil, ghee, they are playing the coach’s bells loudly and loudly that our senses and senses are getting lost, but that note of hundred is saving lives like the same mother, behind whom is Laila Begum. My daddy is walking around with his Kashmiri stick.

But sir, this is John and Ann’s freestyle wrestling. And you know that victory belongs to whoever the referee wants to win, so this referee of yours is in favor of ‘on’ considering the delicacy of the situation (that ‘life’ will also be safe with this recipe) so even if life is lost. (let’s assume for a while) but one hundred rupees will not be spent. And saving life is also necessary to protect these hundred rupees, so we will continue to have tea, breakfast and food alternately at friends’ houses for fifteen days. And if the conditions are favorable, the clothes will also be used by others. Rather, the effort will be to somehow pay the house rent, electricity bill, etc. by donating, that is the only way to collect hundred rupees and be called the owner of the property.

(Written by humorist and Indian writer Shafiqa Farhat)


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