They search by air and land for a colonel kidnapped in Jalisco

(CNN Spanish) — Mexican Army Colonel José Isidro Grimaldo Muñoz was kidnapped on December 10 by members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in the municipality of Tapalpa, Jalisco, reported the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena).

At a press conference, General Crisóforo Martínez Parra, commander of the 15th Military Zone based in Jalisco, reported on Friday that Grimaldo Muñoz was vacationing in Tapalpa, a mountain tourist destination, and when he was returning home he was intercepted by two vehicles with people weapons simulating a traffic incident.

The authorities reported that they delimited a perimeter where they believe the colonel is located.

“With data collected from members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and other sources of information, a defined perimeter has been established, within which, most likely, Colonel Grimaldo has been transferred and where we are directing our search efforts,” said Martínez Parra. .

He added that the group that would have kidnapped Grimaldo Muñoz is headed by the Tapalpa regional chief identified as the alias “CR”, whose identity, places he frequents, and area of ​​influence are unknown.

“The alias CR, and other allegedly involved are already wanted by the different authorities so that, in accordance with the respective laws, they contribute to the clarification of the facts and any responsibility is established,” said Martínez Parra. He said that the Army, the Air Force, the National Guard, among other security forces, participate in the search operation.

This fact is added to another aggression against a high command of the Army. General José Silvestre Urzúa died at the hands of organized crime groups on November 24 when he was carrying out an operation in Zacatecas, in northern Mexico.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Monday in his morning press conference that Sedena is in charge of finding the kidnapped colonel and that “when more information is available, it will be made public. Now we consider that it is convenient to wait, ”he added.

CNN asked the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office about their participation in this investigation, but from there they replied that at the moment they have nothing to report.

Who is Grimaldo Muñoz?

Grimaldo Muñoz is a commander in the region headquartered in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, a Mexican state bordering the United States.

According to Sedena, the colonel has a good professional career in service to the country and in his current assignment he has stood out for his “outstanding” results in favor of Mexican society.

“In addition to being an excellent soldier and good citizen, he is a father, husband, son and brother, so his disappearance causes great pain within his family and within the armed institute,” said Martínez Parra.

He added that they request the collaboration of the population so that they provide the unit with any information or indication that helps locate the colonel.

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