These are the 7 personality traits that an unfaithful person has

enter a relationship, whatever it is, it’s good for anyone, as long as he’s healthy. However, as not everything is rosy, it’s very common to run into unfaithful people who don’t seem to care when they’re disloyal.

Because of this, many people get hurt and their confidence is shaken, thus compromising their future relationships, so it is necessary to prevent yourself from going through unpleasant situations.

So today we list seven traits of an unfaithful person. So find out what they are and prevent yourself as soon as possible.

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Characteristics that indicate infidelity

The fact that we don’t have a manual talking about a person we’ve just met allows some characteristics to be expressed in ways that don’t seem to be a problem. However, many of these characteristics do not bring positive meanings, thus bringing a lot of headache to relationships.

It turns out that people don’t always realize that some traits presented by their companions indicate whether they are reliable or not. Check now the 7 traits that are linked to infidelity:


Often, at the beginning of the relationship, this characteristic goes unnoticed, undetectable and difficult to define. But a narcissistic person, in most cases, is selfish, self-centered, without empathy or even manipulative.

Therefore, getting involved with someone who has these characteristics can be indicative of infidelity. After all, someone who doesn’t care about your feelings won’t bother cheating on you.

persistent flirting

Flirting is a completely normal and healthy phenomenon, however, it becomes a problem when it happens excessively. Someone who tends to flirt a lot, is addicted to receiving attention, and if he “gets sick” of the attention given by his partner, then he will end up looking elsewhere.


Believing they always deserve more than everyone else, a greedy person is a strong candidate for being unfaithful. That’s because she’ll always be looking for something better and that includes people.


For many times, insecurity is recurring from past hurts. Because of them, it becomes necessary to heal them, and the intensive search for healing their wounds is often associated with getting involved with other people. Therefore, insecure people are prone to being disloyal to their partners, as they may try to drown their sorrows in this way.


This characteristic reflects a lot in love relationships. Those who do not have control over their actions are one step away from being unfaithful, precisely because they lack discipline.

Normalization of infidelity

If an individual is liberal when it comes to infidelity, it means that he is probably an infidel. If he doesn’t see this as bad behavior, then he may be disloyal, believing he’s doing nothing wrong.

excessive suspicions

A person who spends all his time worrying about infidelity is definitely an infidel. Even if there are no signs of betrayal, if she insists on the matter a lot, this can be a very sure sign that this person is doing something behind the scenes.

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