The year in which Pedro Sánchez decided to go “for all” by the hand of ERC and Bildu

Unlike the Constitutional Court this December, that Federal Committee of July 23 yes it came out like Pedro Sanchez I expected. In other words, no one raised their voices and, despite the fact that the party was already involved in a very tough internal fight for power, no one plot he stopped his feet.

The president changed his team and strategy again, but there was not a single criticism. And the pose, at the end, showed only brown and smiling faces. Sure, it was midsummer, and the survivors of the leader’s wrath –“Sánchez is angry, but we don’t know who”EL ESPAÑOL had revealed a few days before- they were photographed, as happy as they were relieved, around the boss.

“Let’s go all out!”, the president had exclaimed in the speech before his own. That day everything changed: July was the turning point. “Again July”recalls an old socialist leader, recalling the slaughter of the government crisis in the same month of 2021.

Pedro Sánchez, between the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, and the deputy secretary, María Jesús Montero.

Pedro Sánchez, between the president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, and the deputy secretary, María Jesús Montero.


Since then, the communication strategy began to be set by the direct cabinet of the president in Moncloa, with Oscar Lopez to the head; and was directly coordinated with the political action, designed in the Ministry of the Presidency of Felix Bolanos. Sánchez already resorts to his services for everything: not only to draft the latest and controversial legislative reforms, but to make him step on the accelerator so much… what the Constitutional Court has ended up activating the emergency brake this Tuesday.

The why

If he had ever thought of turning to the center, the president understood that summer that his only hope to repeat in office was a firm and determined swerve to the left… if that is what it means Copy to Podemos the taxes on banks and energy companiesgiving victories to Bildu -even if that means break agreements with social agents– and assume from Esquerra Republicana, not only the discourse of “dejudicialization”, but the way to do it.

[El Gobierno se garantiza el apoyo de Bildu al Presupuesto y ofrece a ERC 900 millones de inversión]

That Federal Committee was necessary to clean up those who were not “for all”. Because only four days later the so-called Dialogue Table with Catalonia was held. And there the government was going to commit to the Government and the PSOE with ERC to “dejudicialize” and the “political conflict”.

For this reason, the sedition. And so ERC staged what of the embezzlement it was an amendment, and not part of the agreement. And for this reason, with the door of retouching the bill open, Moncloa ordered the hanging of the bill from there as well. reform of the Law of the Constitutional Court and, by the way, that of the judiciary

That Federal Committee was necessary to face such a project, in full demoscopic bleeding and with the president at his lowest ratings. had to start a “hard and head-on” campaign against the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo:

“He is a leader of the PP supervised” by the “gentlemen with cigar”is “insolvent or has bad faith”is a “prophet of disaster”is limited to “insulting as he did paul married“…

Indeed, since that summer morning, it has become clear that in the PSOE there were some who do not understand the “for all” in the same terms: the barons distanced themselves from the president, with an eye on their elections next May. first with tax breaks -when the PP was still setting the agenda-, and later criticizing “the alliances with Podemos and the assignments to the independentistas of ERC and Bildu”.

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From the expected “wayward”, Emiliano Garcia-Page Y Javier Lambanto the surprising ones, for sanchistas, Ximo Puig Y Adrian Barbon. isn’t that match the PP?

And leaders of the Executive began to comment in a low voice that, “Maybe the problem is him”, referring to Sanchez. Is not that what Citizens denounce since the beginning of the legislature?

Assuming the postulates of Podemos, normalizing Esquerra and Bildu, and crushing Feijóo from Moncloa itself, Sánchez -yes it is true- has achieved his first objective: stop his irreversible fall in the polls. Although if the distance with Feijóo’s PP has decreased, it is because the polarization and his divisive speeches have reinforced Vox.


For a critical analyst, the “go for it!” de Sánchez had sounded more like let’s look ahead and go back. Because in the previous weeks they had chained the pegasus scandalthe bump in Andalusiathe dozens of deaths in the Melilla tragedy and the shouting resignation of Adriana Lastrain the middle of a battle to the death for control of the party.

But it was so much more. After the months, the conclusion is that that “go for it!”, far from being a swerve, it was a return to the beginning of the legislature: a rectification of the rectification.

Far from the pejorative adjectives, if something has proven to be Sánchez, he is a possibility… or as his autobiography, a resistant.

A year earlier, his government had gotten into the biggest diplomatic crisis with Morocco since the invasion of the Perejil islet… and in July, Sánchez described the repression of the Moroccan gendarmes at the border fence with Nador as a “well-resolved matter”. Because “You can’t blame Morocco now”admits a leader of the PSOE.

In July 2021, Susana Diaz I was packing my bags after the victory of the sanchista John Swords in the Andalusian primaries… and a year later, the “extremely painful defeat in our usual barn”, as defined by an old collaborator of the president, caused the elimination de facto of the Executive and its replacement by a mini-team of notables, managed from Moncloa. “In the background, it was saying out loud something that we were already wanting to do“admits a minister.

Only nine months earlier, the president had traded in the aggressive Lastra for the elegant Hector Gomez… and in July, in that Federal Committee, he dispatched the politician from the Canary Islands and put patxi lopez of spokesperson. Indeed, once again the aggressiveness, the exlehendakari He has gone “for all”. Although “it doesn’t give one, he does not prepare the topics, and limits himself to repeating slogans from Moncloa“laments another prominent member of the party.

The institutional crisis

But above all, that Saturday of Madrid sun and heat in Ferraz meant the “yes to everything” to the pro-independence partners. “The president understood that could never finish the legislature or repeat in Moncloa without Podemos or the votes of Esquerra and Bildu”.

Pere Aragonès and Arnaldo Otegi, meeting at the ERC headquarters.

Pere Aragonès and Arnaldo Otegi, meeting at the ERC headquarters.


months before, the same The Minister of Finance admitted that it is most likely that there would be no Budget in 2023, for being a double electoral year. “For European funds, they are not absolutely necessary,” he acknowledged in the courtyard of Congress. But in that Federal Committee he not only rose to number two of the party, but was commissioned to tie up the support of the partners.

Even in Podemos they were surprised “how easy” the negotiation was. The PSOE swallowed the toad of giving Bildu the medal of the expulsion of the Civil Guard of Traffic of Navarra… something already committed to the PNV months before. Y Esquerra achieved everything promised in the July Table… that which was done only four days after the Federal Committee.

In return has unleashed a institutional crisis? Has it been necessary for Sánchez himself to accuse “the conservative majority of the TC” of concoct “a plot” with the PP and “the media right”? Have arrived Brussels warnings?

Yes to everything. But noise it has covered up sedition and embezzlement. The president has been able to accuse the PP of “mute Parliament”. And in the political story, the normalization of the independentistas as parliamentary allies has turned into a battle to “save democracy” with cross accusations of “coup”.

…and the referendum is already on the table.

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