The TC meets this afternoon to decide whether to lift the Senate’s veto on the court reform

emergency meeting in the Constitutional Court. Your president, PEdro González-Trevijanohas convened for this afternoon at 7:00 p.m. a plenary to address the appeal filed by the Senate against the decision of the TC of suspend urgently the parliamentary processing in the Upper House of the amendments to the reform of the Judiciary and the CGPJ.

The Senate has requested in its appealpresented this same Wednesday, that said challenge be resolved “before December 22”since this is the scheduled date for the debate and the vote by the Plenary of the Senate of the bill that repeals sedition and reform of embezzlement and where the amendments paralyzed by the Constitutional were included.

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After calling the meeting, the TC has communicated to the parties -Congress, PP, PSOE and Unidas Podemos- as well as to the Prosecutor’s Office the time of the meeting of the magistrates so that they allege what corresponds before the challenge of the Senate.

What happens if you lift the suspension?

If the Constitutional considers now this appeal, would mean lifting the suspension urgently, so it could give the Senate time to take back the two amendments. However, it must be remembered that during the plenary session of the TC on Monday, which lasted almost nine hours, the PP’s appeal was admitted and the very precautionary measures were accepted with the six votes of the conservative majority against the five of the progressive minority.

For the moment, and pending the meeting of the Constitutional Court, the Senate Committee already agreed on Tuesday to continue with the processing of the reform of the Penal Code that repeals the crime of sedition and modifies that of embezzlement, without the amendments that paralyzed the TC on the renewal of the Judiciary.

[El sector conservador del CGPJ se queda a un solo voto de renovar el Tribunal Constitucional]

An unprecedented decision

This Monday, the Constitutional, by six votes in favor and five against and in an unprecedented decision accepted the very precautionary measures requested by the PP in its amparo appeal against said amendments and paralyzed the reform of the Penal Code to reform the Judiciary and speed up the renewal of the TC, thus preventing the Senate from voting on them in plenary session will celebrate tomorrow

After the parties were notified of the ruling, both the Congress Table and the Senate Table have presented a appeal resource against the suspension of this parliamentary procedure.

[El retraso impuesto por el TC da un nuevo plazo al Poder Judicial para pactar sus dos magistrados]

The President of the Senate, Ander Gil, affirmed this Monday in an institutional statement that will abide by the Constitutional decision, but he announced that, once the content and scope of the resolution is known and analyzed, ways “to preserve parliamentary autonomy” will be studied. And said and done, this Wednesday the Senate has appeared in the procedure on behalf and defense of the chamber.

There will be reform of the Judiciary

The coalition partners and the majority of the government’s allies in Parliament have warned the PP on Wednesday thatThere will be a reform to renew the magistrates of the Constitutional Court and, therefore, to unblock the Judiciary, although the times will be set by the parliamentary procedure.

The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monterohas indicated that the Executive is already working with the parties that supported the investiture of Pedro Sánchez to carry out a bill of law that allows to renew the TC and that they want to register as soon as possible, although at the moment they are waiting for the order from the Court of Guarantees to arrive.

The intention of the Executive is to first analyze that resolution, which could reach the next week, to know all the arguments, although they also warn that they are not willing to wait forever. Some parliamentary sources have recognized that the Executive I could file the bill tomorrow.

Most of the parliamentary allies have agreed to support this bill, as they have shown ERC, EH Bildu, More Country or Commitment that they see it necessary not to delay their processing.

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