The referee of France-Argentina remembers the controversial plays that determined the final


24 Dec 2022 01:59 GMT

In the 87th minute, Szymon Marciniak issued a simulation yellow card to French striker Marcus Thuram who was looking for a penalty when the score reflected a 2-2 tie.

The Polish referee Szymon Marciniak, who directed the hectic final between Argentina and France of the World Cup in Qatar, which ended with triumph de la Albiceleste after the match went to a penalty shootout with tie to threegave a press conference this Friday in which he revealed details about several key decisions that determined the outcome of the match.

In particular, he addressed the episode that occurred in the 87th minute, when the French striker Marcus Thuram sought a penalty in a play against the Argentine Enzo Fernández. At first, the VAR referee, Tomasz Kwiatkowski, suggested to Marciniak that he award a shot from 11 meters to France.

Wait Szymon, because it looks like a penalty

“Kwiatkowski in the VAR said: ‘Wait Szymon, because it looks like a penalty’. And then I thought: ‘Shit, I thought I had seen it well,’ recalled the referee, quoted by the Polish sports portal Weszlo.

“Fortunately, it all lasted no more than five seconds and Tom [Kwiatkowski] said: ‘Nerd! Simulation“. […]. [Thuram] he made a face at first: ‘Okay, you got me.’ He did not approach me at all and did not protest, “he recounted. Finally, the Frenchman was reprimanded with a card yellow for simulation.

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Messi’s second goal

On the other hand, Marciniak defended the decision to validate the Lionel Messi’s second goal in the 108th minute, thus avoiding criticism from the French press, which noticed that several Argentine players from the bench had entered the field at the time the goal occurred.

“It is a pity that the French press does not remind us that when [Kylian] Mbappe scored the goal to tie at three, there were seven Frenchmen on the pitch“, commented the referee, adding that “there are serious newspapers and others that seek publicity”.

It should be noted that the rules established in the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the association in charge of defining the rules of soccer worldwide, indicate that Marciniak was correct.

“If, after a goal has been scored and play has restarted, the referee finds that an unauthorized person was on the field of play when the goal was scored, this cannot be canceled“, is stated in article 3.9 of the IFAB.

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