The real-life Rapunzel, who spent 25 years of her life in a cramped, dark room –

If you have read many stories as a child, then surely you know about the princess Rapunzel who had very long hair and was imprisoned on a tower several feet high.

The story was actually about a princess and a sorceress, the sorceress kidnaps her young daughter from a king’s palace and imprisons her in a tower several feet high.

There is no door in this minaret and the only means of communication with the outside world was a window at the top of the minaret.

When the little princess grew up, her hair became very beautiful, and long. The princess’s hair was so long that the witch used to hang it out of the window and climb down the tower through it.

Several cartoons and an animated film series have been made on this story. The story is actually well-known from a 3rd century tale in which a beautiful long-haired girl was imprisoned by her father.

But one such story is also from the nineteenth century, and this story is neither beautiful nor has a happy ending like the Rapunzel movie.

This is the story of Blanche Monier who was born in March 1849 into a wealthy family in France.

Blanche was very beautiful, but her habits were somewhat rebellious, unacceptable to her tradition-bound and self-styled civilized family, which was why she was so disliked by her family.

Due to Blanche’s beauty, many men from wealthy families reached out to her for friendship and marriage, but Blanche rebuffed them all, and finally succumbed to the intelligence of a modest lawyer.

This was very disturbing to his family, they couldn’t even think of having a relationship with someone from a normal family. He strictly forbade Blanche to marry him.

When Blanche stubbornly refused to comply, her cruel parents imprisoned her in a narrow, dark room, and Blanche spent 25 years of her life in that dark room.

During this time her family continued to make different excuses when people asked her, her parents said that Blanche had gone to a boarding school in England to study, then said that she had moved to Scotland.

People kept inquiring about Blanche for a while and then forgot about her and went about their lives. The lawyer who caused this trouble to Blanche also did not try to find Blanche, but considered her a fraud and got busy with his own life.

Blanche lived out her life in inhumane conditions during this time, being given so much food that she dried up and became a skeleton, and her hair grew to her heels.

Blanche, imprisoned for 27 years, at the same time when her father died at the age of 52, Blanche thought that maybe she would be released now, but her mother and now her brother with her. was present.

But when the confinement finally ended, the housekeepers, who had been witnessing the brutality for a long time, made an anonymous call to the police.

The police reached the dark room and broke all the doors and windows to let in light and air.

Nalanshe’s mother and brother were sued and both arrested, but her mother died before the case was decided.

The court later sentenced Blanche’s brother to just 15 months in prison.

After her release, Blanche spent the rest of her life in a psychiatric hospital, spending much of her life in unnatural and inhumane confinement and conditions, unable to return to a normal life.

After undergoing various treatments in a psychiatric hospital and taking various medicines, she finally died at the age of 64.


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