The PSOE condemns Podemos’ Animal Welfare Law to failure by standing with hunting dogs

The PSOE will defend to the end its amendment to exclude hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Law, which is processed this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies. With this, the socialists condemn the norm to failure, since Podemos directly rejects its correction to the norm: it could become the first failed bill of the coalition government.

So much United We Can What PSOE They continue negotiating and speeding up the deadline, which expires at 10:00 a.m. this Tuesday. Its debate then begins in the Social Rights Commission of Congress, which will be in charge of approving it, since it is processed urgently. But the positions seem irreconcilable.

“We continue negotiating, we are going to see if there is an agreement,” they assured from Ferraz late yesterday afternoon. However, the same sources stressed that “PSOE is going to maintain the amendment”. “We continue to maintain the same position, because we understand that this is how the rural areas of our country are served,” they added.

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For this reason, there is only the possibility that United We Can back down in its position so that the norm does not fall. The Socialists remember that they gave in and dropped their amendment to the gender self-determination in the Trans Law, to reach an agreement when they found themselves in a similar situation in the Equality Commission. And they consider that now it is their turn to give in to Podemos.

In the amendment, the socialists ask that all the benefits of the Law – which aggravates the penalties for animal abuse, abandonment or sacrifice – be applicable exclusively to domestic animals and hunting dogs, herding dogs and dogs are excluded from it. those of rescue, so that they have their own legislation.

At first there was speculation about the possibility that the PSOE would seek support from the right-wing bench: the PP would be willing to support the amendment on hunting dogs, but not the general ruling on the law. However, socialist sources stress that the current negotiations are being held exclusively with Unidas Podemos.

The original text of the Law was approved by the Council of Ministers on August 1 and was processed urgently so that it would be published before the end of this year. However, in September, the Socialists submitted an amendment after pressure from PSOE barons from rural communities, such as Estremadura either Andalusia.

PSOE and Podemos had reached an agreement last Wednesday after a meeting with the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanoswith the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra. In it, they signed that hunting dogs would be excluded from domestic protection only while they participate in hunting activities, a regulation approved by the socialist Emiliano Garcia-Page in Castile-La Mancha.

However, the Socialists withdrew from the agreement hours later, that same afternoon. What they did agree on was to delay the Social Rights Commission until this Tuesday, which at first It was going to be held last Thursdayto continue negotiating. These types of actions are common and the future of the Law will be known just a few hours before the start of the Commission.

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