The PP wants Sánchez to start the EU Presidency with a slap on the wrist from Brussels for Justice

The PP works so that the European Comission issues a report contrary to the Spanish Government for its legal reforms on the General Council of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court, according to sources from the main opposition party.

The popular ones pretend that there is an express reproach to the Government of Pedro Sanchez in the so-called Report on the Rule of Law that the European Union publishes in June.

This report will be made public just at the moment in which Spain assumes the rotating Presidency of the EU, from July 1 until the end of 2023.

[El comisario de Justicia pide al Gobierno y al PP que reinicien el diálogo para renovar el CGPJ]

Sánchez intends that this Presidency serve as a platform for the Government in the face of the general elections scheduled for December 10. For this he works in a series of sectoral summits distributed throughout Spain, with the participation of all the ministers and the massive presence of European commissioners and leaders of the Member States.

Government sources explain that the representation of Spain before the EU is also working to convey its position to the European officials.

The intention of the PP is to mobilize so that this beginning has the stain of criticism from Europe for the legislation on the institutions of the judiciary. In fact, the popular ones have already implicated the Justice Commissioner in the conflict, Didier Reynderswho came to make a view to spain to meet with the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanosand the vice-secretary of the PP Esteban Gonzalez Pons.

The precedents

Brussels’ position on this issue has always been to press for agreement and renewal, with express references to the election system and now on how to legislate without mandatory reports from advisory bodies.

[El comisario de Justicia pide al Gobierno y al PP que reinicien el diálogo para renovar el CGPJ]

A year ago, Brussels forced the Government to withdraw a bill from the Socialist Group that lowered the majorities necessary to elect the members of the General Council of the Judiciary, in order to exclude the PP from that renewal.

The PP strategy includes the refusal to renew the CGPJ, as it has done since December 2018. In this way, the institution will continue with term extended at least until early 2024, when the new Cortes are constituted, after the general elections. The current members will have doubled the legal term of office, which is five years.

Also included is the appeal of unconstitutionality against the law resulting from the process in Congress and the Senate of the bill to be presented in the coming days by the parliamentary groups to force the election in the CGPJ of two Constitutional magistrates.

This appeal will join the amparo that already served for the Court to stop the processing of the bill in a precautionary manner. The Constitutional will have to rule on the merits, that is, on the processing as amendments to the reform of the Penal Code.

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