The plaintiff is running away in fear of his life

A businessman has become destitute after falling into the trap of cheating by his business partner in Feni. The aggrieved businessman complained that he is harassing them with lawsuits and threatening them with death in various ways for demanding the return of the due money. Currently, he is fleeing the area with his family in fear of his life.

The victim Nurul Abshar said yesterday that M/s Nurul Abshar Construction Firm has been running the business since 1984. In 2010 took his elder cousin Abu Taher as a partner. According to the agreement Nurul Abchar’s physical structure and business reputation and Abu Taher’s commitment to invest cash capital and sister-in-law Shahidul Islam was already in the company, running the business on a partnership basis in 2010 with her as a working partner. Since Taher had the cash account of the company and the account book was with him, it was later shown that he invested Tk 10 lakh in the year 2010 and withdrew the investment within two months.
Even after embezzling money in this way, Taher took 13 lakh 65 thousand taka as honorarium from the company in return for investment of 10 lakh taka from 2010-2019. Dividend taken 32 lakh 32 thousand 346 taka. 1 crore 16 lakh 87 thousand 450 taka took the interest of CC loan. However, according to the CC loan of Taher’s Uttara Bank branch, the total interest till 2019 is Tk 38 lakh 1 thousand 429.

Abshar said that Taher was not satisfied with this. Councilor Kohinoor is continuing to make fraudulent attempts by claiming that he will receive another 1 crore 15 lakh 34 thousand 544 rupees from Nurul Abshar on account of bank interest. Earlier, Taher filed a case in the Senior Judicial Magistrate Court of Feni on December 29, 2020 claiming to be owed Tk 1.52 million. As Abu Taher has the company’s cash, it can be seen that Nurul Absa owes another 45 lakh 26 thousand 148 taka to him. Meanwhile, Nurul Abshar filed a counter-case CR 184/21 in the Senior Judicial Magistrate Court of Feni on March 3, 2021, demanding the said money from Taher. The court ordered Feni Mayor to investigate the case and submit the report. The Mayor assigned the panel Mayor Zainal Abedin Liton to investigate the matter. They could not find any solution even though they held several meetings on this issue. Later, the court directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the case in view of the petition of the plaintiff Abhar. Meanwhile, Chautur Taher took the help of Municipal Councilor Kohinur Alam Rana to get more money illegally. On August 26, Taher summoned Abshar through the councilor and signed three 100 taka unwritten stamps. Suspicious in this matter, he lodged a GD at Feni Model Police Station. Kohinoor Alam got angry and pressured Nurul Abshar Bhuiyan to pay the fictitious sum of money on a white paper. Later, Taher sends people to Afchar’s office and house and threatens him in various ways that he will kill him. Nurul Abhar and his family are now out of the area due to the fear of this councillor.

In this regard, Abu Taher said, these allegations are completely false, he has documents. Later he could not show any document.

Councilor Kohinur Alam said, how can he stay at home when Absar is threatened with death. His allegations are false. I held a Shalish meeting on the instructions of the MP Sir and passed the judgment in the light of the reports of the lawyers of both the parties.

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