The Mrs. Furchner Murders

I start with a great news for listeners. In this first part of the press review, we are going to eliminate Spain, as in the World Cup. Then, if there’s time, we’ll get it back. But it is that we already had a lot of fluff in the navel. I am going with some truly historical news, which is reported by the correspondents in Germany from The world, The vanguard either The country.

irmgard furchner, 97, has been sentenced to two years in prison for her collaboration in 10,000 murders that occurred in a concentration camp in Poland. Mrs. Furchner, in a wheelchair, with a mask and one of those hairstyles that, according to Luis Piedrahita are made in cotton candy machines, he tried to elope last year.

She has been tried, no joke, by a “juvenile court”, since, between 1943 and 1945, she was 18 and 19 years old. She was the stenographer of the head of the concentration camp and, therefore, according to justice, a cog in the murderous gear. It is curious what has happened to her because she, in the postwar period, testified in various processes. But she has not been convicted until today. The court says that it is a “symbolic penalty” and she is the first woman to lead such a trial. “I’m sorry for everything that happened, I’m sorry I was there”, have been her words before the magistrates.

Irmgard Furchner, accessory to the murder of 10,500 prisoners in a concentration camp.

Irmgard Furchner, accessory to the murder of 10,500 prisoners in a concentration camp.


I continue with another international news: Zelensky He is going to travel outside of Ukraine for the first time since the war began. She is scheduled to do so today and she will appear in Washington to meet with Biden. Javier Ansorenathe correspondent of abcsays that the appointment could be used to announce a new shipment of arms to kyiv by the United States.

And now it’s time to go back to Spain. “Government Plan B” to renew Justice, is the headline that We can read in THE SPANISH either The country. After the Constitutional Court paralyzed the reform of the Government considering that the right of parliamentarians to present amendments was stolen, Sánchez has decided to take the trouble to write a bill to change the system of election of judges. as the archbishop canizares in his article on The reasonour president seems to say: “God comes to man, all new and true.”

Since he has a majority in the Chamber with the entire gang (Esquerra, Bildu, PNV, etc.), he will achieve his goal, but it will take longer. He has decided, yes, to declare January as a business month in Congress. You don’t know how sorry I am for the deputies, I am extremely affected, I imagine our listeners too.

Regarding the hours worked, some media have highlighted that the plenary session of the TC lasted from ten in the morning until ten at night, stopping to eat. As if it were a feat! It is what an average Spaniard works one day, a little goofy. Tell a freelancer, the owner of a bar, for example.

In the chronicle of THE SPANISH it is said that several ministers conceive that it was a mistake both to speak of a “coup” and to have tried to sneak into the reform of the Penal Code the reform of the system of election of judges.

abc It says on its cover: “Brussels supports the TC and reiterates to the Government that it cannot act unilaterally.” The European Commission asks Moncloa to comply with community standards; that is to say: that it request advisory reports to the judicial bodies on the reform of the election system.

The world goes one step further: “Sánchez ignores the European Union and will use another express route for his reform. There will be no reports from advisory bodies.” I, in this, am with Sánchez. Do you know what it must be like to read one of those reports?

Life goes on. You already know, because this audience has a very high level, that, in addition to the two magistrates of the TC that Congress has to choose, there are two others that the CGPJ has to choose. Well, yesterday the CGPJ met and they did not reach an agreement either. There is a detailed chronicle about it in The confidential.

In this same newspaper, we have a survey. I love surveys at this time, they remind me of Mrs. Manolita. “The PSOE takes advantage of the climate of polarization and recovers ground at the expense of United We Can”. PP (121), PSOE (108), Vox (54), Podemos (24), nationalists remain. Translated: Feijóo Y abascal, just one seat away from an absolute majority, they could govern together, deceiving a Navarrese, a Cantabrian or a Turolense. You know how the song says: “Together, coffee for Vox”.

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez does every morning for ‘The Spain that gets up early’, in ‘More than One’Carlos Alsina’s program on Onda Cero

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