the government has finalized its immigration bill

The Ministers of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and Labor Olivier Dussopt, at the National Assembly, November 15, 2022.

Five months after announcing itthe government tabled, Monday, December 19, its bill on immigration to the Council of State, a consultative procedure prior to the tabling of the text in the Council of Ministers, in January, before its examination in Parliament.

This text, entitled “To control immigration, improve integration” et what The world consulted, comes in twenty-five articles. It is a question, in particular, of conditioning the granting of multi-year residence permits on the mastery of a certain level of French; create a “shortage occupations” residence permit accessible to undocumented workers; to reinforce the “double penalty” by lifting certain protections against deportation against foreign offenders; to be able to withdraw a residence permit from a foreigner “in case of rejection of the principles of the Republic” ; to reform the asylum application procedure to shorten processing times or to simplify litigation for foreigners.

This text resulted at the end of a consultation procedure led by the government and in particular after two debate sessions organized on 6 and 13 December in the National Assembly and the Senate. An exercise which allowed the executive to take the temperature within the opposition and to begin to amend its copy in an attempt to find a parliamentary majority on this thirtieth immigration law since 1980.

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It is therefore in the columns of Figaro of December 21 that Gérald Darmanin and Olivier Dussopt, the interior and labor ministers, decided to defend their version. “Everything that LRs [le parti Les Républicains] have always asked about immigration, we offer it”, claimed the former during this crossover interview. If the minister assumes to seek the support of the right, it does not yet seem to be acquired.

Satisfy part of the employers

“The red rag of the titles for the trades in tension removes all effectiveness from this text”reacted, Tuesday, December 20, Eric Ciotti, the new president of LR. Since the announcement, at the beginning of November, of this new residence permit, the right has been up against what it equates to a massive regularization measure.

According to the text submitted to the Council of State, this residence permit would be issued “by right” and for a period of one year to foreigners who have resided in France for at least three years and present eight payslips attesting that they exercise a profession in a sector in tension.

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This measure was introduced in the bill in order to satisfy some of the employers in need of labor in sectors such as the hotel and catering industry. It also makes it possible to counterbalance provisions mainly intended to increase the number of expulsions. It enshrines in law the regularizations that the prefectures now practice on a discretionary basis, based on the 2012 circular known as “Valls”, thanks to which some 30,000 people come out of hiding each year, including around 7,000 under their work. The law would make it possible to free the undocumented worker from the goodwill of the prefects, but also from the support of his employer in his steps, an essential condition today for his regularization. Olivier Dussopt assures the Figaro that only “a few thousand people a year” would be affected.

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