The final phase of the local body elections, the series of unofficial results continues, the lion roars in Punjab, the kite flies high in Karachi, the arrow is left behind.

The final phase of local body elections, unofficial results continue, Punjab…

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) Unofficial results of the third and final phase of municipal elections are continuing. According to the results received so far, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement in Karachi, the People’s Party in Sindh and the PML-N in Punjab have won more seats. They are ahead of other parties by name. In Karachi, Mayor will be from QM, while PPP will suffer a severe blow in Lyari.

According to private TV channel Dunya News, unofficial results have been received for most of the 2507 seats in Punjab, in which the PML-N is leading with 1028 seats, while the independent candidate is in second place with 1001 seats, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf 262, People’s Party 110. And Jamaat-e-Islami has won two seats.

MQM has won 138 seats out of 208 seats in the Union Committees of Karachi, People’s Party is second with 32 seats, Jamaat-e-Islami 11, independent candidate 9, PTI 7 and PML-N 8 seats.

Sheikh Rashid, the nephew of Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid, has been elected as the chairman by defeating the PML-N candidate in UC 40, after which a celebration was held at Lal Haveli. The PML candidate won 2687 votes from UC 7. The chairman has been elected, on the other hand, the candidate of MQM has won from UC-26 of Karachi, Sheikh Kaleem, the candidate of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, has been elected as the chairman from UC-26 of West District, while Muhammad Farooq of Jamaat-e-Islami has come second. are


In Rawalpindi, PML-N has won 34 seats, Azad 10 and PTI 5, while PP has managed to get 2 seats.

In Multan, PML-N has come first with 33 seats, independent candidates have won 17 seats while PTI is second with 12 seats and PPP has won 1 seat.

In Sialkot, PML-N stood first with 44 seats while independent candidates won 36 seats, PTI managed to get 3 seats and PPP only managed to get one seat.

Independent candidates have won 39 seats in Narowal while PML-N has won 33 seats and PTI has won 8 seats.

According to the unofficial results received so far in Muzaffargarh, Azad has won 56, PML-N 45 and PTI 6 seats.

In Rahim Yar Khan, PPP is leading with 64 seats, while PML-N has won 45 seats, Azad has won 15 seats and PTI has won two seats.

In Rajanpur, Azad has managed to get 18 seats, PML-N 32, PTI 16 and PP 2 seats.

The results of three out of seven seats in Attock have been received, out of which two seats were won by the Q-League while an independent candidate has won one seat.

In Bahawalpur, PML-N is on the first position with 13 seats, while independent candidates have won 4 seats and PTI has also been successful in 12 seats.

In Dera Ghazi Khan, PML-N has contested on 9 seats and independent candidates on 7 seats while PTI and JUIF have won one seat each.

In Jhang, independent candidates have succeeded in winning 70 seats, while PML-N has won 19 seats and candidates from other parties have won three seats.

In Khushab, independent candidates won 16 seats and PML-N won 16 seats. In Leh, independent candidates won 21 seats and PML-N won 19 seats.


The unofficial results of 117 seats in Karachi have been received, according to which MQM has won 138 seats, while the People’s Party is second with 32 seats, Jamaat-e-Islami 11, independent candidate 9, PTI 7 and PML-N 8. Seats have been obtained.

In Karachi, MQM’s main candidate Waseem Akhtar has also won the chairman seat, while Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeemur Rehman and PTI Karachi President Ali Zaidi have also lost the election. Naeemur Rehman was defeated by MQM’s Mazhar Hussain. Mazhar Hussain got 3205 votes and Hafizur Rehman got 712 votes. Hafiz Naam was the candidate of Jamaat-e-Islami and PTI in UC-18. On the other hand, PTI’s Ali Zaidi also lost the election from UC-16 to Naushad Khan of MQM.


In Karachi, Sultan Ahmad of Pakistan People’s Party has been elected unopposed as the chairman, while in total 41 candidates from different parties have been elected unopposed in Karachi. In Punjab, 43 of the PML-N, 27 of Azad, 15 of PTI and the People’s Party have been elected unopposed. 4 candidates have been elected unopposed.


In the third phase of local body elections, Sanaullah Butt, uncle of PML-N MPA Wasim Butt from Narowal, was defeated on the councilor seat on the PML-N ticket from Ward No. 6. PML-N City President in Ward No. 7 of Sambriyal. Sheikh Habibullah was also defeated.

Multan Zahid Nobahar Hashmi, the son-in-law of the well-known politician Javed Hashmi, was defeated by the PTI candidate on the PML-N ticket. In Khushab, PML-N city president Iftikhar Joya also lost the election. PML-N in Shujaabad. PA Javed Shah’s brother has lost the chairman seat.

Sialkot mMNA Armaghan Subhani’s brother and former provincial minister Khush Akhtar Subhani has also lost the election.

Bahawalpur Naveedur Rehman, uncle of Minister of State Balighur Rehman, has been defeated by Muhammad Rizwan Elahi of PTI in UC 15. He was supported by PML-N.

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