The Competition Committee closes 5 games in the Mestalla stands and does not sanction Vinicius for his expulsion

He Competition Committee decided to sanction the Valencia CF with the partial closure of the stadium mestalla for five games after the racist insults received by Vinicius in the match against Real Madrid. The affected area is the south stand Mario Kempes, precisely where the Brazilian soccer player pointed out as the origin of the screams.

The Competition Committee, which is made up of three members, one appointed by The league, another for him CSD and another for the RFEF, says that “it is considered proven that, as the referee reflected in his minutes, there were racist shouts at Vinicius, a Real Madrid CF player, during the aforementioned match”. In addition, he says that “the normal development” of the meeting was altered and that “very serious infractions” were considered. On the other hand, an economic sanction of 45,000 euros is imposed on Valencia.

On the other hand, the Competition Committee confirmed that it annuls the red card shown to Vinicius, so the Brazilian footballer will not serve any sanction after his expulsion. Competition justifies the decision with the fact that “the referee’s assessment was determined by the omission of the entire set that occurred.” These decisions came after seven hours of intense meeting in which the matter was discussed in depth.

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In its letter, the Competition Committee recorded the cries of “hundreds of followers” upon the arrival of the Real Madrid footballers at Mestalla who chanted “you are a monkey… Vinicius you are a monkey… you are a monkey, Vinicius you are a monkey”.

It also collects the launch of various objects onto the pitch from the stands Mario Kempes, at which time the referee went to the technical area to ask the field delegate to give notice over the public address system to stop this activity. According to the Competition story, at that moment a spectator from the stands Mario Kempes called Vinicius “monkey, monkey”, something that activated the racism protocol.

very serious insults

The writing of Competition Committee includes a series of very serious songs that were sung from some parts of Mestalla. Thus, there is talk of shouts such as “Madridistas, sons of bitches”, “Fucking black, you are an idiot”, “I shit on your dead son of a bitch”, “Vinicius idiot”, “Fucking black son of a bitch”, ” Vinicius dog son of a bitch”, or “monkey, you’re a fucking monkey”.

The resolution includes the group cries of “stupid, silly”, as well as those that emulated the sound of the monkey, “uh, uh, uh”. And there is also talk of a “generalized chant throughout the stands” in which they sang “monkey, monkey” that “transitions” into “dumb, dumb.”

Vinicius complains about the racist insults.

Vinicius complains about the racist insults.


Competition says in another of the paragraphs of its writing that “the intolerable racist character of part of the chants that were chanted, on and off the field, by a part of the fans has been verified, in short.”

Vinicius, without punishment

He Competition Committee He also stated in his statement that he left without disciplinary effects the expulsion of Vinicius. The Real Madrid footballer saw the red card after a big brawl that broke out in the last minutes of the match, and the referee, after his review at the VAR, decided to expel him.

Competition recognizes that the images used were biased: “The action of the VAR referee would not be framed in a ‘human error’, since the image that he sent to the referee of the match to assess the action produced was totally partial, biased and determinant of the error of the match. collegiate in the assessment of what happened and, with it, of the unjust expulsion of the player, making the aggressor assaulted”.

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Thus, “invokes the irregularity of the existence of two successive minutes”, so this body requests that the red cardboard that Vinicius saw be without any effect.

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