The board is also alert about the primary TET question paper, not the question paper in the examination center 1 hour before

#Kolkata: After the question paper scandal of DLD, the Board of Primary Education is very careful about the question paper of the primary level. This time questions cannot be sent in advance to the exam centers. 1 hour before the start of the exam, the question paper of the primary TET will be sent to the exam centers. Guidelines in this regard have already been given by the Board of Primary Education.

However, even if the question paper is sent, there are still numbered question papers for each candidate. That is, there is no need to open any question paper packet separately at the examination center. In that case only the examinee will open his question paper packet. Again the candidate will answer the question paper and seal it with the answer sheet.

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The primary education board is going to make such strict rules based on the primary TATE question paper. However, the primary education board has given separate guidelines on how to bring the question paper and how to take it.

The districts have already been informed by the Board of Primary Education that there will be police security both in bringing and taking away the question papers. Sunday i.e. today is more cautious primary education board focusing on primary tet. The Board of Primary Education is especially cautious about the exam especially after the incident of DLD exam question paper going viral on social media before the exam started.

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The Board of Primary Education has made it mandatory for TET candidates to have biometric tests and CCTV in every examination centre. A notification has already been issued for him by the board. According to the notification, CCTV will be installed at the entrance and exit of each examination center and it is mandatory to conduct biometric test of the candidates.

Not only this, every teaching and non-teaching staff entering the examination center must carry a valid identity card. Also several rules have been issued by the board for the candidates. Which includes mobiles and metal and any items are not allowed to enter the exam center. Incidentally, the Primary Education Board is already plagued with multiple complaints. One after another allegations of corruption have surfaced especially around Tet. And so the Primary Education Board does not want any debate on this year’s Tet. That is why there are so many restrictions.

Tate Admit Card issue started from 30th November. Debate has already started on that admit card too. As an exam center has gone viral on social sites. Examination centers are held in Lahore, Dubai. Although they have been notified by the Board of Primary Education as fake. It has been claimed that such an attempt is being made by the board to tarnish its image. The Board of Primary Education is sending the guidelines or rules to the examination centers in advance with several guidelines to conduct the examination smoothly.

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