The BNP leader led the funeral of his mother with handcuffs and sticks

Bowali Union of Gazipur’s Kaliakair Upazila performed the imam at his mother’s funeral with handcuffs and sticks. BNPPresident Ali Azam. He was released on parole from the Gazipur District Jail after receiving the news of his mother’s death on Tuesday morning (December 20). After being released, he attended his mother’s funeral at Pabriachala area in Kaliakir.

Later he led the funeral prayers of his mother. At that time, he led the funeral prayer with the handcuffs and staves unopened.

Meanwhile, when a picture of handcuffed Ali Azam spread on social media, there was widespread criticism in the area.

Upazila BNPR General Secretary Parvez Ahmed said, Ali Azam was released on parole after the news of his mother’s death. But unfortunately, even during the funeral, his handcuffs and shackles were not removed.

Shahjahan Mia, President of Kaliakair Upazila Branch of Bangladesh Human Rights Implementation Organization, said that Ali Azam’s handcuffs and shackles were not removed even during the funeral. I heard that he is not a tainted accused. So he could have given him the opportunity to participate in the funeral just by wearing handcuffs.

Relatives said that Sahera Begum, Ali Azam’s mother, died at the age of 67 on Sunday (December 18) afternoon due to old age. He will see his mother for the last time and perform his funeral by himself, so the funeral of his mother is delayed. Therefore Ali Azam applied for parole to the Deputy Commissioner on Monday (December 19) afternoon through the lawyer. But as the parole office work was not completed that day, he was allowed to be released on parole for 3 hours on Tuesday. BNPThis is the leader of

Eyewitnesses said that after being released on parole, Ali Azam appeared at his mother’s funeral near his house around 10 am. The funeral was held at 11 o’clock. After his mother’s burial, he was again taken to prison. Ali Azam was handcuffed and shackled the whole time. Gazipur district participated in the funeral prayers BNPThe former General Secretary Kazi Syedul Alam Babul, Upazila BNPR General Secretary Upazila with Parvez Ahmed BNP Leaders and workers of organ organizations.

Ali Azam’s brother Ataur Rahman said, after applying to the Deputy Commissioner, my brother was released on parole in the morning. The police were requested to remove the handcuffs and shackles of the mother while offering her funeral prayers. But the police did not open. The worshipers who participated in the funeral expressed their anger that Ali Azam’s handcuffs and shackles were not removed even during the funeral.

In this regard, Gazipur District Jail Superintendent Mohammad Bazlur Rashid said, Ali Azam was sent to his house along with nine policemen. He was sent as per the high level directives of the government and the Jail Act.

It is known that Ali Azam was arrested on December 2 in a case filed under the Explosive Substances Act for allegedly attacking the office of Awami League in Chandra Trimor area of ​​Kaliakair upazila on November 29. In this case, names of 11 people including Ali Azam were mentioned. Another 150 people were named as accused.

Abdul Mannan Sheikh, the office assistant of the Awami League office, was made the plaintiff in the case, but at that time he told reporters that he did not know anything about the incident and the case. He said, I swear, I was not there. Here was Alauddin SI. That sir is calling me repeatedly and making me restless. I say, sir, I am in the dawa. How do I file a claim? I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it either. Sir, I said, Sir, don’t trouble me.

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