The beginning of the movement to overthrow the government is a mass rally

BNPMember of the standing committee. Khandkar Mosharraf Hossain said that the verdict of the people of the country is that they do not want to see this government in power. So we have to fulfill the 10-point demand. This authoritarian government will not accept compromise. So our Acting Chairman said the decision will be on the streets. The people of Veer Chatla are ready to do Faisala Rajpath. Following this programme, the whole of Bangladesh will come down on the streets and throw this government off the streets. Therefore, they should be forced to give up power, dissolve the parliament and form a non-partisan neutral government. Mass marches are the starting point of this forced movement. If we cannot protect the country from this government, the situation of the country will get worse. So to protect the country and the people, this government has to be dismissed.

It’s Saturday afternoon BNP Chittagong Metropolitan, North and South Districts at Wasa intersection adjacent to Jamiatul Falah Mosque in the city with the aim of realizing the announced 10-point demands. BNPHe said these things in the speech of the chief guest in the rally before the rally. Before this, Chittagong metropolis, North and South districts from 1 pm BNPThousands of activists from various wards, unions, police stations joined the procession. The procession started from Wasa intersection and passed through Almas, Kazir Deuri, Noor Ahmed Road, Lovelane, Jubilee Road and ended at the head of the three pools. Dr. Musharraf said, this government is not the people’s government, it was not elected by the people’s votes. So this government has no responsibility towards the people of the country. That is why today Bangladesh has destroyed the state structure, democracy, economy, judicial system and law enforcement forces of the country. He said, we have given 10 points from the Dhaka divisional mass meeting. The people have given us a verdict from the divisional assembly. Those who killed democracy, destroyed the economy, destroyed the justice system will not allow democracy to come to this country. They cannot repair the economy, they cannot make the judiciary independent. Therefore, we have raised 10-point demands of the people of this country. After making this demand, those who do not like the government, those who are democratic, patriotic, all parties, groups, individuals have supported these 10 points. Today they have prepared for the simultaneous movement. We are holding the first program of mass march to realize the 10-point demands of this simultaneous movement.

Dr. Khandaker Musharraf said, resignation of this government, dissolution of parliament and elections in this country through non-partisan caretaker government, including Khaleda Zia. BNPWe have given 10 points to demand the release of the leaders. The first mass march across the country for the realization of these 10-point demands. As you have successfully started the departmental mass rally from Chittagong, you have converted this mass march into mass sea.

Khandaker Musharraf said that this government has destroyed the economy by looting government, extortion, corruption, tendering and smuggling the country’s money abroad. Due to this government, today the economy is in such a state that importers cannot open LC. Because of that, there is a famine in Bangladesh today. Due to the increase in commodity prices, the poor people are not eating, and the middle class people have become poorer. Where earlier the poverty line was below 20 percent, the poverty line has risen to 40 percent due to the corruption and destruction of the economy by this government. The government has destroyed the Judiciary by partisanship to stay in power by force.

In the speech of the main speaker BNPVice Chairman Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin said, a whistle will be given in a few days. That whistle means the whistle of the fall of the government. Then millions of people will have to occupy the streets.

Mir Nasir also said, Obaidul Quader Saying that the election will not be allowed. We will elect, we will win that election. The government’s heart palpitations have started today due to that fear. Chittagong BNPChittagong. Wait for the next whistle, you will see in the morning that they have all fled. People will come to power again.

In the speech of the special guest BNP Adviser to the Chairperson Golam Akbar Khondkar said, 10 mass gatherings across the country were successful despite various obstacles. One of the slogans of today’s mass rally is demanding the release of Begum Khaleda Zia. BNP Endless struggle started with announced 10 points.

In the speech of the special guest BNP Advisor to the Chairperson SM Fazlul Haque said that Awami League is in the government by force. This fascist government has killed democracy to stay in power. They have robbed the people of this country of their right to vote.

Central to the speech of the special guest BNPMahbuber Rahman Shamim, the organizing secretary of Awami League, said that the Awami League is now trying to stay in power by using the administration and state apparatus. But the end of Awami League will not be saved by doing this. Fall can not be prevented by absentee cases. Under a neutral government and impartial Election CommissionElections should be held under the management of If there is no neutral government, BNP He will not accept the election.

Chittagong metropolis in the speech of the president BNPconvener of Dr. Shahadat Hossain He said, today’s rally has proved that the people do not want to see this government in power. Let’s rally with the people. And the Awami League brings people to the rally with Birani packets. This is happening BNP And the difference between Awamiligo. We are in the struggle to protect human rights, and will be in the future. People have risen against the government’s prison oppression Hulia. Victory is assured to us.

Chittagong metropolis BNPMember Secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar said that the current authoritarian government has destroyed the state structure of Bangladesh. This state needs to be repaired and rebuilt. As part of the anti-government movement, the ‘state structure repair outline’ has been outlined BNP. This form will be the certificate of liberation of people.

Chittagong metropolis BNPconvener of Dr. Shahadat HossainUnder the chairmanship and member secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar, the main speaker spoke BNPVice Chairman Mir Mohammad Nashir Uddin. He spoke as a special guest BNPGhulam Akbar Khondkar, Advisor to the Chairperson, SM Fazlul Haque, Central BNP Organizing Secretary Mahabuber Rahman Shamim, Labor Secretary AM Nazim Uddin, BNPBarrister Mir Helal Uddin, Sathi Uday Kusum Barua are members of the Central Committee.

South District was present BNPConvenor Abu Sufian, Metropolitan BNPRaw c. Joint Convener MA Aziz, BNP Neta MA Halim, Mohammad Mia Bhola, Ed. Abdus Sattar, SM Saiful Alam, Nazimur Rahman, Shafiqur Rahman Swapan, Kazi Belal Uddin, Yachin Chowdhury Liton, Md. Shah Alam, Iskandar Mirza, Abdul Mannan, Ershad Ullah, Enamul Haque Enam, Nurul Amin, Professor Yunus Chowdhury, Alhaj Salauddin, Nur Mohammad, Eng. Belayet Hossain, Nurul Amin Chairman, Sarwar Alamgir, Kazi Salauddin, Ed. Iftekhar Hossain Chowdhury Mohsin, Mostafizur Rahman, Nazmul Mostafa Amin, SM Mamun Mia, Mujibur Rahman, Jamal Hossain including Metropolitan North and South Districts BNPLeaders of organs and allied organizations.

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