The Argentine team, evacuated by helicopter due to the chaos in Buenos Aires for the celebrations

The security forces of Buenos Aires have evacuated the Argentine soccer team in the face of the chaos that reigned in the celebration for the World Cup title. More than four million people gathered in the streets of the capital and the festive caravan of the Albiceleste collapsed.

The Argentine team landed at the airport of Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires, and at 11:39 local time a real mass bath began until around 16:00 local time the expedition had to be evacuated by air. Hundreds of thousands of fans crowded in different parts of the capital were expected to see the Leo Messi and company in the convertible bus, but the forecasts were completely overwhelmed.

The authorities, at first, had no choice but to improvise and change the planned route on the fly. However, seeing that it was practically impossible to advance before the albiceleste tide that crowded around the bus, and with the players already exhausted, they decided to execute an emergency plan.

The initial idea was to leave from the headquarters of the Argentine Football Association in Ezeiza, next to the airport, and begin the journey through the Ricchieri Highway. Subsequently, it would be followed by the General Paz Avenue, Lugones Avenue, Ullía Highway, Avenue July 9would pass by the Obelisk and through the Highway May 25 it would return to the starting point.

Hundreds of thousands of Argentine fans crowded into the most emblematic point, the Obelisk, to receive their idols there, but they received bad news during the Argentine morning. The authorities informed that the route had to be modified on the fly and that the Obelisk would not be one of the places of passage. “The soccer players will come to greet the fans from the highway 25 de Mayo and 9 de Julio, according to the circuit arranged by the security organizations,” said the Argentine team.

Several Argentine fans witness the passage of the convertible bus.

Several Argentine fans witness the passage of the convertible bus.


chaos breaks out

Following the announcement that the open-top bus tour of Argentina was going to be deflected, panic seized the fans and chaos broke out. An albiceleste marabunta of people began to move to other places in Buenos Airesand the 25 de Mayo Highway was taken over by the fans.

Therefore, there have been scenes in which people could be seen running in a hurry to find a new privileged place to see the world champions, something that has not been seen in Argentina for 36 years.

The bus where the players of the Argentine national team march walks, however, at a very slow pace since it is difficult for it to make its way through the large number of fans that are concentrated next to it. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people continue to wait in crowds and endure high temperatures under the Buenos Aires sun.

4 million people

During the celebration, estimates began to be made of the number of people who had gathered in the streets of Buenos Aires. Thus, various Argentine media outlets spoke a couple of hours after the bus started its departure for a figure close to 4 million people.

It is a historic event for a country like Argentina where football is lived in a different way. In the South American nation, the king of sports is on a par with any religion and the success of the Albiceleste in it Qatar World Cup It has had a great social impact. So much so that this Tuesday was decreed as a National Holiday.

car thefts

The party that took place this Tuesday in Argentina with the celebration of the world title also left some black chapter. Taking advantage of the fact that most people were waiting to follow the players in order to celebrate the gimping with them, some robberies occurred.

Thus, some Argentine media were able to reflect how several cars that were left apart near the airport of Ezeiza, where the Albiceleste landed, they suffered en masse the theft of some of their wheels. A series of cars parked in a row ran out of several of their tires.

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