The 30 professions with the most vacancies on the market

Although it fell by less than 1% from July to September of this year, the unemployment rate in Brazil is still around 8%. However, in some areas, many job vacancies are waiting for professionals. What happens is that companies are not finding qualified labor, causing an excess of open positions. Therefore, we show you the areas that most need specialized candidates. Check out what they are.

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Know the professions that need qualified professionals

By level of specialization, the areas that most have unfilled vacancies are those that require professional qualification of a not very high level, those “easy” to obtain. So why are they on the rise, given the high unemployment rate in the country? Some businessmen claim that there is a certain lack of interest in the areas, and when they find professionals, they come with a committed preparation.

Soon, companies choose to train their own employees in the areas in which they need personnel, causing them not to hire others. Check now which are the professions that are most in need of qualified professionals:

general service assistant

Assists in various sectors of the company. Performs activities of various types, mainly maintenance. The salary ranges from R$1258.66 to R$1877.47.


He has an average salary of R$ 1720. Responsible for attending and serving customers, he is in great demand in restaurants, bars, etc.

Pizza maker

This professional is responsible for preparing the pizza dough. to act as pizza maker, it is necessary to have specialized training. His average salary is R$ 1681.


To be a baker, having a technical background is a differential. Their monthly salaries average R$1864.

nursing technician

Obtaining an average salary of R$ 1922, this professional takes care of patients and assists nurses.

pharmacy technician

Earning R$ 1733 on average, he participates in tests, surveys, orders inventory, among other activities.


A very common profession in the beauty business, professionals in this area earn an average of R$ 1342.


Working with organization in the commercial branch, has a salary of R$ 1379.


Working directly with the consumer, informing about the product, advising on its use and negotiating the sale, this professional earns an average of R$1361 per month.


Very important professional for the maintenance of electrical installations, to work in the area, it is necessary to have a professional course. His average salary is R$2521.


Plays the role of keeping people and assets safe. The amount of R$ 1954 is the average monthly earnings of this professional.

website developer

Much sought after by companies in various fields, he is responsible for developing websites so that products can be offered for sale. The average salary is an incredible R$10,000.

Other professions in demand

In addition to those mentioned above, these are other professions that require qualified work:


  • Receptionist – BRL 1567
  • Maid – BRL 1275
  • Cook – BRL 1492
  • Barman – R$ 1241,12


  • Business Intelligence Analyst – BRL 20,000
    Information security analyst – BRL 8,000
    Artificial intelligence specialist – BRL 17,500
    BI Analyst – R$8,500


Hair colorist – R$1539


  • Delivery person – BRL 1596.21
  • Cashier – BRL 1295.94
  • Packer – BRL 1307.52

People management

HR Analyst – R$ 4044


Construction worker – BRL 1300


  • Administrative assistant – BRL 1800
  • Credit Analyst – BRL 2500


Production assistant – BRL 1458.33

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