TESTIMONY. “Three years after our divorce, we remarried”

Between Georgia and Jeremy, the relationship had its ups, but also its downs… Before bouncing back and leading to a remarriage. A look back at the love life of a truly inseparable couple.

When they meet in their good town of Harvest, Alabama, love at first sight is immediate. Georgia Stellars is a sunny brunette, fundamentally extroverted. Jeremy Lawrence, he is as dark as her, but he is darker, more secret. At that time, both of them had already had a very full life – in love in particular –. But there are many similarities between this 33-year-old accountant, already mother of a 12-year-old Savannah, and this 35-year-old IT director, meanwhile father of a Sydney of the same age.

“We met in 2013. Two years later, after learning to tame each other, we got married,” Georgia recalled with a smile. Jeremy and Savannah get along wonderfully, Sydney and Georgia too, even if the young girl lives with her mother in another county and is therefore less present in the new stepfamily. For them, the future seems as clear as the vast plains of this southern state in which they live and work.

“We couldn’t have a child, which created a lot of tension between us”

Unfortunately, their skies darken quite quickly. “We are two strong characters and we put each other to the test. In particular because we were unable to have a child, which created a lot of tension between us”, recalls Jeremy. Alas, after two years on this diet, and despite the immeasurable love they have for each other, he and Georgia decide to separate. The divorce was pronounced at the beginning of 2017.

The months pass, they continue to see each other from time to time and, each time, it is clear: between them, the feelings remain strong. But Jeremy quickly gets back into a relationship, his new girlfriend becomes pregnant and, on October 19, 2018, he becomes the father of a pretty little Collins. Georgia, however, does not come out of her head or out of her heart.

“Jeremy’s new couple is quickly falling apart, so they see each other again”

The converse is also true. They remember each other, give each other news, miss each other. Jeremy’s new couple is quickly falling apart, so they see each other again… And what had to happen happened. They go back to sleep together and have to face the facts: they no longer want to live apart from each other. “We talked a lot. Get back together after getting divorced was neither trivial nor trivial, but we were so sure of ourselves that we did not hesitate in front of this second chance that we could give ourselves”, explains Georgia.

On July 16, 2020, these two soul mates remarried, convinced that, this time, it was for good. “For me, Jeremy was meant for me! He pushes me to be sublime and loves me unconditionally…just like I love him! There are no words to say how lucky I feel”, confides the now forty-something who sees herself as Collins’ “bonus mom”. A little girl she “loves as much as [sa] own daughter”, and who returns it well.

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