Tesla wants to empty its Model 3 and Model Y stocks with these new discounts

After having sharply lowered the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y in China and the United States, Tesla has decided to offer a new discount to its American customers, but also European and therefore French. And the reason is quite simple to understand.

Everything seems to be going well for Tesla, while the brand has now been profitable for quite some time now thanks to the success of the Model 3. Even better, it is about to break its own sales record by delivering a million cars around the world by the end of the year. For that, the firm is running its factories at full speedwhile that of Shanghai has a capacity of 750,000 cars per year. However, and if the manufacturer is well placed in France in the ranking of best-selling modelsit is not quite the same thing in China and the United States.

A new discount

Indeed, if the ModelY was the 2nd best-selling electric car in the Middle Kingdom in November, the situation is far from being good. Sales are down and Elon Musk finds himself with too much inventory on the arms. So much so that he must now sell off his sedans and SUVs in order to seduce customers. In China, prices have been greatly reducedseveral thousand euros.

That’s not all, because the manufacturer has also reinstalled the Sponsorship Program which had disappeared, again to encourage customers to take the plunge. But nothing seems to help. And even worse, This situation also affects the United Statesto the extent that Tesla also lowered prices of their Model 3 and Model Y.

But this is not enough. So the brand decided to go even further and reduce prices even further, to offer a rebate of up to $7,500or about 7,059 euros as explained Electrek. An offer valid only for cars that will be purchased this month, ie until December 31. And the reason is quite easy to understand and has a strong connection with the policy of the United States in terms of taxes on electric cars.

Until then, the ecological bonus could not be granted to electric cars from brands that have sold less than 200,000 cars since the system was introduced. However, Tesla exceeded this figure a few months ago. But from January 1, 2023, this limit will disappear, making the brand’s models eligible for government aid. Customers therefore have every interest in waiting a few more weeks, which obviously does not help Tesla. Because let’s not forget, it wants to reach one million cars delivered by the end of 2022.

This is why she decides to store her $7,500 cars, which quite simply corresponds to the amount of the tax boost, which takes the form of a tax credit from 2023. But be careful, because only cars produced on American soil are now eligible for this aid. The Tesla produced in China will therefore not be able to benefit from it. A strategy that the French government is also consideringwhich would deprive the Model 3 of ecological bonus, only the Model Y Performance and Long Autonomy being assembled in Europe.

And in France ?

In addition, the end of the quarters are always important for the brand, and it is essential to succeed in this one. But then, should we expect such discounts in France? This is already the case, sincea discount of 3,000 euros is in place on the Tesla site for a few hours. But the situation is less critical in France for Tesla since customers have every interest in buying their car now, while the ecological bonus will go from 6,000 to 5,000 euros from next January 1 for most households.

In order to encourage them to take the plunge, the brand decided to make another gift, offering approximately 10,000 kilometers of Supercharger credits, valid for two years. To do this, you must then take delivery of your new Tesla between December 15 and 31.

The email received from Tesla by customers who take delivery before the end of 2022

A few hours ago, we also announced in our columns that the brand was offering a big discount on his Model Y in France. A significant drop, which then took the electric SUV below the 47,000 euro mark, making it eligible for the maximum bonus of 6,000 euros. Only the Propulsion version, the cheapest in the range, was then affected by this little Christmas boost, the others contenting themselves with a discount of 3,000 euros.

As a Christmas present, Tesla has just achieved what many expected: a big price drop for the Model Y. But beware, this is only temporary, and should end here…
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