Tertúlio drops bomb to avoid tragedy TV news

Read below the full transcription of Mar Do Sertão’s video. In the next chapters of the plot, Candoca will put Deodora and Tertulinho against the wall:

José will finally discover the truth about his past in sertao sea, and the reveal is going to be bomb! So to find out everything that will happen in the chapters from December 26th to December 31st, just stay tuned here.

In the episode for Monday, December 26th: sometimes he faces Sergeant Venâncio and continues to attend to his patients. Soon after, the doctor suspects that she has been exonerated at the behest of talk and gets furious. Meanwhile, Deodora intimidates Xaviera to retrieve Rivaldo’s document.

Later, José works on his land, with Timbó’s help. Then, Candoca tells the groom about what happened at work. Manduca and Joca see Xaviera arrested in Pajeú’s house. In the end, Tereza does not let Timbó force Joel to work in his place. Then, the sertanejo finds oil on his land.

Next, in the episode for Tuesday, December 27: Timbo refuses to believe that he has found oil, even with confirmation from José and Candoca. Meanwhile, Joca and Manduca save Xaviera. In sequence, Pajeú discovers the woman’s escape and despairs.

Soon after, Manduca, Joca and Xaviera convince the henchman to leave alone. Sabá, on the other hand, despairs when she discovers that Escolástica stole the money she had hidden. In another nucleus, Laura invites Tertulinho to work at JM/Chaddad, and warns him that he needs to give up Candoca. At the very end, Rosinha asks José to take care of her family’s business.

On Wednesday, December 28th, Tertulinho lies to Laura and says he’s going to concentrate on business. Meanwhile, José and Maruan are amused by Timbó’s behavior with the technicians and engineers. Then Laura is forced to close a deal with José. Soon after, Deodora and Nivalda show up to talk to Tereza.

In sequence, limerick doesn’t let Cira film the meeting between Tereza and Deodora. Later, Xaviera tells Candoca that she was kidnapped by Pajeú at the behest of Tertulinho’s mother. In the end, the coronel is surprised to learn that Timbó has found oil on his land. Then, Candoca questions Deodora about Xaviera’s kidnapping.

In the next chapter, on Thursday, December 29th, Candoca faces Deodora, and Nivalda hears the whole conversation. Meanwhile, the colonel allows his lands to be prospected by engineers. Sabá tells Nivalda that he will take advantage of Timbó, and José worries about his friend’s naivety.

Later, Xaviera fakes a romance with Firmino so José doesn’t find out about Rivaldo’s certificate. Then the two tell Candoca where they found Rivaldo’s certificate and ask for help to tell José the truth. At the very end, Manduca’s father catches the conversation between Candoca, Xaviera and Firmino.

And on Friday, December 30, Candoca tries to lose the groom. Later, Xaviera tells Muruan about the history of the document, and he worries about José. Candoca pretends to sleep so as not to talk to Manduca’s father. Meanwhile, the colonel reveals to Tertulinho the truth about his business. Later, Sabá tells Nivalda her plan to deceive Timbó.

Tereza, on the other hand, removes her husband from Janjão’s bar and does not let him take over any account there. The colonel is irritated to learn that they still haven’t found oil on his land. And at the end of the chapter, Candoca confronts Tertulinho with Rivaldo Pereira’s certificate in his hands.

To close the week, on Saturday, December 31st, Candoca leaves saddened by Tertulinho’s lie, who is tormented. Meanwhile, Tereza puts Nivalda and Latifa to work at Candoca’s house. Timbó, on the other hand, has Sabá paint the doctor’s house instead of him. Nivalda finds Rivaldo’s fake certificate at Candoca’s house.

Later, Maruan and the doctor team up to tell the truth about Rivaldo Pereira’s document to José, who is going to the Palmeiral farm. Will he finally solve the crime of the past? To know everything that will happen in Mar do Sertão, just access the TV news🇧🇷 I’m Luiza Leão and I’ll meet you in the next soap opera summary, bye!

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