Terrence Shannon Jr. greeted with ‘Guilty!’ chants in return to the basketball court after arrest

Three days after his return from suspension, Illinois basketball player Terrence Shannon Jr. experienced a starkly different welcome at his first road game since his arrest on a charge of felony rape. The Northwestern crowd unrelentingly taunted the All-America candidate during their game against the 10th-ranked Illini, with thunderous chants of “No means no!” and “Guilty! Guilty!” echoing through the arena.

The Unwelcome Reception

The Northwestern students greeted Shannon with boos during lineup introductions and followed it up with a hearty mock cheer when his first shot attempt missed. As the game progressed, the taunts and catcalls from the crowd only intensified, leaving Shannon with a glimpse of the hostility he can expect on the road for the rest of the season. The Illinois coach, Brad Underwood, seemingly downplayed the impact of the chants, stating that they are part and parcel of life on the road and that his team has faced various chants in different arenas. He expressed confidence that the vitriol from opposing fans would not affect Shannon or his teammates, citing previous experiences in intense environments within the league.

The Allegations and Suspension

The incident leading to Shannon’s arrest and subsequent suspension took place at a crowded bar in Lawrence, Kansas, after which the alleged victim reported the assault to the police and underwent a sexual assault examination at a local hospital. Despite Shannon’s attorneys repeatedly asserting his innocence and highlighting the lack of surveillance evidence or witness testimony against him, the university suspended him indefinitely from all basketball activities. The suspension persisted until a federal judge granted Shannon a temporary restraining order, compelling Illinois to lift its suspension and reinstate him to the basketball team. According to Judge Colleen R. Lawless, the university’s student-athlete misconduct process disregarded the principles of due process and the presumption of innocence.
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On-Court Performance

In his first game back, Shannon scored 16 points off the bench, but his performance as a starter against Northwestern was less remarkable, with 12 points marking a season low. Underwood acknowledged the need for Shannon to regain his All-America-caliber form, emphasizing that it will take time for him to fully readjust after being sidelined for a month.


The return of Terrence Shannon Jr. to the basketball court has been fraught with contentious reactions from opposing fans, shedding light on the challenges he and his team will face for the remainder of the season. As Shannon strives to regain his previous form on the court, the off-court proceedings continue to cast a shadow over his athletic career.


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