Tech Giants Alphabet and Microsoft Crush Earnings Expectations, But Wall Street Is Unimpressed

The recent quarterly results from tech giants Alphabet and Microsoft broke records and surpassed expectations, but they failed to impress Wall Street. Both companies reported impressive revenue and earnings that surpassed estimates, yet their stocks sold off in extended trading. This led to a mixed reaction from investors and analysts alike.

High Expectations and Disappointment on Wall Street

With an impressive 56% increase in share value for Alphabet and a staggering 70% rise for Microsoft over the past year, investors had high hopes heading into their earnings reports. However, the market’s reaction indicated that the stocks were priced for perfection, resulting in disappointment and nitpicking of the numbers by investors and analysts.

Alphabet's Performance

Alphabet reported a remarkable 13% revenue growth, marking the fastest rate of expansion since early 2022. Its revenue of $86.31 billion exceeded the average estimate of $85.33 billion, while its earnings per share of $1.64 beat estimates by 5 cents. The cloud business also performed exceptionally well, with Google Cloud reporting 25% growth. However, the one disappointment came from Google’s ad business, with revenue of $65.52 billion falling short of analysts’ estimates. This led to a nearly 6% drop in Alphabet’s shares after the report.

Microsoft's Strong Quarter

On the other hand, Microsoft’s revenue increased by 18% to $62.02 billion, surpassing the $61.12 billion average analyst estimate. The company also outperformed expectations in its cloud business, with its larger Azure and other cloud services expanding by 30%. Despite the positive performance, the company’s outlook was slightly overshadowed by the earning and revenue beat. Microsoft’s stock initially fell by more than 2% before paring some of its losses.
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The Overshadowing Effect on Other Companies

The disappointing market reaction wasn’t limited to Alphabet and Microsoft. Shares of chipmaker AMD also witnessed a drop, despite reporting better-than-expected revenue numbers and meeting profit estimates. With the stock up 137% in the past year, the market’s reaction indicated a certain level of unease among investors. Attention now turns to Thursday, as Amazon, Apple, and Meta are set to report quarterly results. Similar to Alphabet and Microsoft, these companies have seen a surge in their share values, adding to the anticipation and high expectations among investors.


While Alphabet and Microsoft’s quarterly results showcased impressive financial performance and exceeded expectations, the market’s reaction demonstrated that strong performance alone may not suffice to meet the high expectations of investors and analysts. The mixed reaction serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between financial performance and market expectations in the tech industry, where even surpassing estimates may not guarantee favorable market reception.


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