Taslima Nasrin Pori Moni: The landlord gave a notice to vacate the house! Taslima remembers her ‘helpless’ days in West Bengal

#New Delhi: Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni is not relieved even after being released from jail. Because he has already received a notice to leave the house from the landlord. And Taslima Nasrin’s old memories come to mind after seeing this condition of Parimani. In his words, “That’s what I said that day! I feel the helplessness of Parimani with my heart.” Taslima joined after Parimoni was arrested. After being released from jail, he again wrote on his Facebook for the actress.

At one point he also had to leave the country. Later he was asked to move out of West Bengal as well. He was also asked to leave his house in Rawdon Street, Kolkata. This state also had to leave. Seeing Parimani, all those memories seemed to wake up again. So Taslima writes, “Parimani came out of jail, entered the house and found that the landlord had given her a notice to vacate the house. I know this terrible ordeal very well, as it happened in my own life. I remember those days in Calcutta. Doctor Deval Sen at No. 7 Rawdon Street. I was staying at the house on rent. The year 2007. The police commissioner is coming and telling me to leave the country. The chief minister is asking me to leave the country. If I don’t leave the country now, I will have to leave the state today or tomorrow. The door of the country has been closed for a long time. I left Europe and went to the state of West Bengal for life and language. I took shelter, and I have to leave this shelter too, I don’t have a home anywhere, where can I go!”

He also wrote how difficult that time became for the writer. Not just politics. Even his friends did not stand by him at that time. Taslima writes, “Who is trying to remove the ground from under my feet! I am probably more a victim of the politics of the mafia dons of literature than of the intrigues of politicians. When there is no one around, the presence of friends suddenly drops from a hundred to zero, alone. Alone I am shouting, I will not leave the state, I will not leave the city, I will not leave the house, because I have done no wrong, I write about humanity. Struggling for human rights, writing about humanity is not wrong!”

He further writes, “A Bengali writer is living in Bengal with love, to throw him out of Bengal, to ban him is to destroy his authorship—so I refused to leave the state. When Sunil Gangopadhyay called and told me to leave the state , I realized that those who should have stood by, they are not standing by. Calcutta has shown how writers demand to ban another writer’s book, how writers rush to destroy another writer.”

And in all this, the landlord handed the notice to vacate the house. Taslima recalls that, “When darkness was falling from all sides, my landlord gave me a notice to vacate the house! It was probably the chief minister who asked the landlord to give that notice. I felt how terrible the conspiracy can be that day.”

After that, Taslima returned to the topic of Parimani. He writes, “As Parimani’s enemies are not few, so are his adoring well-wishers, who will stand by him in this hour of distress, I believe. No one stood by me helpless. I was forced first to leave the state, then to leave the country.”

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